Whether you choose to look back on the past year, or forward to 2023, your family will enjoy doing these New Year’s Day activities together

It’s that time of year and you’re going to need a stash of fun indoor activities for kids. While we can’t provide any mimosas with your New Year’s Day brunch, we’ve definitely got awesome traditions to start, activities to try, and other creative ideas to help you start the year right (there’s even a printable calendar craft for kids!). Scroll down to see them all. Happy 2023, y’all!

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1. Tradition Kick-Off
2022 has been a memorable year, to say the least. Start an annual tradition by writing letters to open the next year. As the mini-time capsule gets going, you’ll have a memorable way to look back and ahead. 

2. Make a Handprint Calendar
Using a printable calendar, you can make a handprint calendar for 2023. Get the tutorial here.

3. Indoor Campout
No matter where you live, it’s likely too chilly for the real deal, so pitch a tent in the living room, roll out sleeping bags on the couch, fashion a campfire and make sure to include some hot cocoa. Get inspired by these next-level indoor forts!

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4. Cook Out
Staying home is always a little sweeter when you can smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. We've got the best snacks for your hungry crew right here

5. Movie Marathon
Whether you cue up all three Cars, back-to-back Descendants, or you’re ready to commit the next generation to every single Star Wars installment, loosen up those screen time limits and go big for once. Psst! If you need more ideas for what to watch, check out our ultimate list of movies for kids.

6. Out with the Old
You know when all you have to do is move the furniture around to get a brand-new perspective on it all? Show the kids how liberating it can feel to go new. Suggest a bedroom swap, a relief-effort donation round-up of old toys and clothes to make room for everything Santa may have just dropped off, or maybe even a fun (temporary) hair color!


7. Game Day
Let the games begin and see who the New Year will crown the champion. Pick crowd-pleasers like Bugs in the Kitchen or Apples to Apples, build an ultimate Magna-Tiles mansion, or set up that sure-fire bet that may last well into 2023: Monopoly. This list has our favorite new board games that even parents will enjoy

8. Bucket List Décor
The new year is the ultimate opportunity for a fresh start. Keep up that energizing NYE energy with family plans for 2023: a new place to travel, an activity or sport to try, or an organization to help out. We love the idea of hanging your ideas up on the wall for year-long inspiration. Another great way to display goals for the new year is to create a vision board,


9. Craft It Up
Get your Pinterest pins at the ready and tag some adorable crafts for the kiddos to create on New Year’s Day. Read through these helpful tips that will set you up for crafting success

10. (Get to) Know Your Neighbors
With everyone off from work and school, why not host a mugging for your neighbors? As nefarious as it sounds, muggings are a completely innocent (and oh-so-easy) way to entertain friends. Have each guest bring a coffee mug to use as a plate. You provide warm comfort foods that they simply ladle into their mugs (chili or soup, anyone?). The best part? Partygoers big and small can easily mingle while they munch, mug in hand.

11. Build A Puzzle
Building a puzzle can be a long or short process, but it's always better with family. Carve out some time in your new year's day to dedicate to a puzzle everyone will love. At the end, the final product can even be made into a framed picture if you glue it with puzzle glue.

12. Photo Time
No matter what your family does to ring in the New Year, we love the idea of streaming your “Best of 2022” photos on the TV to set the mood. Focusing on the family is what it's all about, after all.


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