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There are those mysteries like “who used all the toilet paper and didn’t put a new roll out?” And then some conundrums pull you in and grasp your imagination, leading to mysterious and fantastical adventures! Happy to report, the Emmy-Award winning kids show Ghostwriter is the latter. Ghostwriter is a series for kids ages 6-11, exclusively on Apple TV+, that opens a whole new world of whimsy and inspires kids to get in touch with their creative side.

Ghostwriter is back on AppleTV+ for a second season!

The Ghostwriter series follows four everyday friends who discover an anything-but-ordinary character: Ghostwriter, a mysterious ghost who makes great literature jump off of the page—literally. Ghostwriter brings the actual characters from well-known books into the real world, where they’re only visible to the group of friends! 

Once released, the pages where the characters lived appear blank, and it’s up to our four heroes to figure out how to put them back where they belong. While the literary characters are only visible to our four heroes, the damage they cause (like the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland setting up a tea party at school) can be seen by everyone. 

As the kids try to solve the mystery of Ghostwriter, they learn more about themselves, and about other people, worlds and emotions through the books they read. Ghostwriter combines elements of mystery, fantasy, humor and heart to take kids on a quest unlike any they’ve experienced before—and creates a love for reading and storytelling!

When your kiddo is a super fan, they can even read along with the books from the series!

Spoiler Alert: Your kids are going to love this show, and parents, you just may become a big fan yourself—it’s that good. 

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—Jamie Aderski

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