This New Book About an Unlikely Hero Is Getting Rave Reviews

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Goblins, ghosts and… garlic?! You read that right, and this new graphic novel about Garlic, a brave little veggie and delightfully unusual heroine, is one of our favorite new reads of the season—it’s the perfect Halloween treat (and won’t stick to your teeth!). If you’re looking to build confidence in your little ghoul’s reading skills (ages 6+) or just fill their fall with a cozy adventuresome read, Garlic & the Vampire by Bree Paulsen is the farm-fresh book you need on your shelf now.

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The Story

Garlic feels as though she’s always doing something wrong. At least with her friend Carrot by her side and the kindly Witch Agnes encouraging her, Garlic is happy to just tend her garden, where it’s nice and safe. But when her village of vegetable folk learns that a bloodthirsty vampire has moved into the nearby castle, they all agree that, in spite of her fear and self-doubt, Garlic is the obvious choice to confront him. And with everyone counting on her, Garlic reluctantly agrees to face the mysterious vampire, hoping she has what it takes. 

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Glowing Reviews for This Brave Little Garlic

"In this down comforter of a graphic novel, Garlic discovers that she is braver and more capable than she ever believed when she is called upon to save her friends. The color palette is folkloric, drawing on lush earth tones to highlight this cozy little village where people and vegetables live harmoniously—this is cottagecore through and through."

   — Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review)

"Gorgeous artwork featuring anthropomorphized plants and colors reminiscent of those used in Kate Greenaway stories make this a joy to read... Perfect for chapter-book readers and up, this will delight anyone wanting a light adventure heavy on friendship and self-actualization."

   — Booklist

Start reading Garlic & the Vampire with your little ghouls today!


—Jamie Aderski