We appreciate when an author makes story-time fun for all involved. It gives parents and caregivers an opportunity to build positive associations for kids around reading, and can spark a joy for storytelling.

If you’re at all in agreement, there’s a clever new book on the shelves called Hey, Bruce we think you should know about.

Hey, Bruce is the latest book in the ‘Mother Bruce’ series from New York Times Best-Selling author-Illustrator Ryan T. Higgins. What sets this book apart from the rest of his successful series? It’s up to you to decide our leading man’s fate at every page turn. That’s right, Bruce and the gang have gone interactive.

You and the little ones in your life get to guide the course of Bruce’s afternoon, sending everyone’s favorite grumpy bear on an adventure all of your own making.

Interactive books like this one are beneficial for so many reasons, including the ability to excite kids about reading and allow for them to participate in the story, wins that could have positive effects on their future.

The Story’s Adventure 

All Bruce wants to do is nap, but today the fun-loving mice trio in his life have other plans in mind for him. Rupert, Thistle, and Nibbs are looking at you, the reader, to help spearhead the fun by encouraging silly instructions for you to follow like shaking, tilting, and spinning the book around to send Bruce flying about.

Kids (and adults) are met with an opportunity for laughter and silliness with nearly every illustration, a signature creative move of Higgins’ and his award-winning series.

Explore Rave Reader Reviews 

"My class loves Bruce and his buddies! This one is hilarious as the characters “interact” with the readers!" — MelissaMM, Reader Review

"This book was so cute! I didn't know it was interactive when I bought it. I just saw another Bruce the bear book, which my daughter loves. She had so much fun participating in the features of the book, like turning it sideways or shaking the book, and poking Bruce. Really gets the kids involved in the story. I would highly recommend this book." — MaryK, Reader Review

"In the words of our 4-year-old grandson: 'THIS is a GOOD book!'" — F. Dobbs, Reader Review

Let the adventure begin for the kiddos in your life! Get your copy of Hey, Bruce here.

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