This Week’s Funniest Tweets About Parenting. We. Just. Can’t. Even.

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From the soccer carpool to the never-ending assortment of mismatched socks, sometimes there are days when you’ve only got a few seconds (or 140 characters) to get a good giggle. Well, sit back and get ready to scroll because we’ve scoured the Twitterverse for moms and dads that rap about the highs and lows of parenting, and the results are hilarious.

1. Byeee.

2. How. Dare. You!?

3. Whatever keeps the little sweethearts busy…

4. Aww, picture perfect! <3

5. That’smygirl!

6. Same?

7. If you must, please attempt with caution.

8. We’re glad we aren’t the only ones.

9. Worst. Game. Ever.

10. They say the darndest things, right?

11. Challenge accepted.

12. So True!

13. Whoever created this deserves a punch in the face.

14. Those clowns are NOT okay.

15. The more you know…


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!