Three Moms Share How They’re Keeping Their Kids Safe and Healthy While Online

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Over the years, you’ve taught your kids a lot of ways to stay safe: look both ways before crossing the street, wear a helmet while riding a bike, go feet-first down slides and so much more. As your kids get older and technology evolves, parenting takes a turn from teaching safety on the swings to having the tech talk and showing kids how to navigate the digital playground. Luckily, Google Families has everything parents need to help their tiny humans stay safe online and develop healthy digital habits. We teamed up with three moms to see how their families are navigating technology right now. Keep reading to see what they had to say:

Natasha D’Anna, a New York City-based mom of three, is working on balancing screentime with her kids—especially with the additional time they’re spending online with remote learning. To help them balance their time online, Natasha incorporates screen-free, hands-on activities into their day like baking or a trip to the playground. She also has regular tech talks with her kids and has shown them resources through Google that can help them stay safe online, like Google Safe Search.

Like most parents, So-Cal mom Chelsi Lovos saw her kids’ screentime increase in the past year. After she saw grades drop and attitudes change, she knew it was time to switch things up with a digital detox for her family. After they took a break from tech, she reintroduced devices to her kids with new rules including screentime limits, additional educational apps and regular check-ins about online safety. Now Chelsi uses Google Family Link to monitor her kids’ online activity and set device limits.

Vera Sweeney’s youngest loves to play games—whether they’re online or board games—so when it came to having the tech talk, Google’s Interland game was the perfect opportunity for her to teach her kids about online safety. Interland takes gamers on an online adventure and teaches them about digital safety and citizenship along the way.

Google Families has everything parents need to help navigate the digital playground and teach their kids healthy online habits. Learn more at!