The 1980s arguably produced some of the best toys ever invented. Nintendo anyone? How about My Little Pony and Transformers? And that’s just scratching the surface. The good ol’ days before screens took over meant playing with your toys from the moment you woke up til you heard your mom shout “dinner!” Read on for the best retro toys to hit the market in the 80s and smile as you reminisce about your childhood!

Teddy Ruxpin


Sweet and wholesome Teddy Ruxpin was a groundbreaking technological advancement on the typical teddy bear. He could actually read you books and talk to you! Mind. Blown.

Fisher Price Medical Kit


Whether you were 'allowed' to play doctor or not, this Medical Kit was a quintessential playroom item. Giving shots was your fave thing to do, until you realized that actual shots really did hurt.

Cabbage Patch Kids

enceladus79 via Flickr

Remember making sure your Cabbage Patch doll was legit by checking for Xavier Roberts' signature on its butt cheek? You also tried to master your braiding skills on their yarn hair that always ended up being too short to braid. Most of all, we loved these sweet dolls and their adorable dimples.

Mr. Gameshow


Mr. Gameshow would be creepy by today's standards, but as kids we thought he was the coolest cat with the funniest jokes and laugh. Again, a toy that could talk to you? It was earth shattering in the 80s.

My Little Pony

Aimee Ray via Flickr

You couldn't get enough of these cheery, colorful ponies with rad names like Moondancer and awesome designs tattooed on their sides. You no doubt collected as many as possible and even asked for the carryall stable to tote them to and from playdates.

Care Bears


The 80s gave us plush toys that even taught us values. The Care Bears were character trait toting, huggable teddies that spread goodwill teaching kids about bravery, harmony and sharing.

Glo Worm


Once you had a Glo Worm, you couldn't sleep without it. This trusty sidekick would light up when you hugged him and bedtime would never be the same.

Nintendo NES Console System


Luigi, Mario and saving the Princess became a large chunk of your childhood when the life-changing Nintendo NES Console System debuted. It was epic.

Game Boy


When Nintendo became portable in the form of the Game Boy and you could take Super Mario Land anywhere... it was the dawn of a new era and the beginning of on-the-go screentime entertainment. Road trips were no longer your worst nightmare, as long as you had plenty of batteries.

He-Man Action Figure


You staged many an incredible battle between your He-Man action figure and his archenemy Skeletor. Playtime was otherworldly with these Masters of the Universe.

Strawberry Shortcake


We didn't know what we liked better, playing with our dolls from the Strawberry Shortcake collection or smelling their dessert-inspired fragrant scents! Bonus points if you also had their nemesis, the Peculiar Purple Pie Man doll!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


These pizza eating, sewer dwelling, crime fighting turtles put an entirely new spin on heroism and we loved their clever antics in their cartoon too. If you had a real pet turtle in the 80s, we're pretty sure you named him Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo or Raphael.



Transformers: more than meets the eye! Heroes in disguise! How cool was it that Transformers were literally two toys in one? Optimus Prime and Kickback may have been the coolest toys you ever owned.



Who can forget the commercial for Monchhichi dolls with that sugary sweet song: "Monchhichi, Monchhichi, oh so soft and cuddly!" You couldn't wait to get your hands on one!

Pound Puppies


Parents wouldn't get you a dog? That's what Pound Puppies were for! You were obsessed with rescuing these pooches that needed a home. Puppy love at its finest.

What’s your favorite toy from the 80s? Share in the comments below!

––Beth Shea


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