It’s a scientific fact—kids love color! Primary colors are bright and cheerful; they help young children distinguish shapes, and they have a positive effect on the moods of kids of all ages. Since we can’t think of anything more colorful than tie-dye, we wanted to gather the best projects for kids. From cool tie-dye patterns to the must-know tips, we’ve got you covered. So, scroll down to see our favorite fun and unique tie-dye projects kids can do this summer.

Tie-Dye Kit


The first thing you need for any tie-dye clothing like hoodies, shirts, and dresses is a tie-dye kit that has all the colors and supplies you'll need. This one has enough supplies for six people, includes 18 colors and an instructional guide with tie-dye patterns. The dyes are safe to machine wash and won't fade with time. 

Buy it here, $19.86.

Watermelon Tie-Dye Dress

Paging Fun Mums

Nothing says summer like watermelon! From the bright, fruity colors to the cute little seeds, we simply can’t get enough of this adorable dress. It’s a good thing Paging Fun Mums put together this super helpful tutorial complete with step-by-step video!

Tie-Dye Socks


While we’re on a roll tie-dying every piece of white clothing we can get our hands on, let’s not forget the mountain of white socks just begging for a splash of color! The Tip Toe Fairy used a one-step tie-dye kit to make these rainbow-inspired pairs, and we think they turned out fabulous!

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

A Little Pinch of Perfect

Yes, we know Easter is months away, but we can’t help but get a little excited about this edible craft. After all, it pays off twofold. Awesome crafts to keep the kiddos busy, check. Snacks, check! Head over to A Little Pinch of Perfect to find out how to make these easy tie-dye eggs today!

Colorful DIY Paper Crowns

The Kitchen Table Classroom

Do you have a little one who adores watercolor painting and loves crowns? Then this is the cleverest mashup you’ll find! We think The Kitchen Table Classroom’s idea to take paper doilies, paint them, and fold them along a band of paper is pure genius. Click here to see how to make these colorful crowns that are giving us all the tie-dye feels.

Crumpled Paper Art

Buggy and Buddy

This crumpled paper art craft by Buggy and Buddy is perfect for the little ones. Toddlers are sure to have a blast squishing up paper into balls and having messy fun decorating them with paint. Since this is a squish, paint, repeat type of craft, it’s sure to keep your kids busy for quite a while. The result makes for cute refrigerator art!

Tie-Dye Party Favor Bags

Ginger Snap Crafts

Celebrating your child’s birthday this summer? Even if you're throwing a virtual party, these tie-dye party favor bags by Ginger Snap Crafts are sure to be a hit with all of their friends! They’re so easy and fun to make, and once dried, just fill them up with some treats and you have the perfect party favors.

Tie-Dye Beach Towels

Emmy Lou Styles

Summer wouldn’t be complete without outdoor water play and of course, you'll need beach towels to dry up afterward. Since shopping at our favorite stores this summer is a bit of a challenge, why not round up a few white towels and let the kids have fun turning them into colorful tie-dye patterns? We love how Emmy Lou Styles’ tie-dye beach towels turned out. She also made tie-dye shirts, and we think they turned out great! 


Coffee Filter Flowers

The Kitchen Table Classroom

These are the perfect way to teach your little ones about nature and art at the same time. Simply take a stroll, and let your kids point out flowers that catch their eye. Then head home, and with just a few simple supplies, help them recreate nature by making these beautiful Coffee Filter Flowers with all the colors of the rainbow!

Tissue Paper Tie-Dye

The Kitchen Table Classroom

If your little ones aren’t quite ready for some of the more advanced tie-dye projects, you can start them out with this colorful Tissue Paper Tie-Dye craft that requires only tissue paper, food coloring, rubber bands, cups, and imagination!

Ice Tie-Dye Technique

Bre Pea

There are no rubber bands needed for this technique! Bre Pea’s How To Tie Dye with Ice tutorial is super cool. Pun intended! We think you’re going to love how she turned standard white t-shirts into throw pillow covers.

Permanent Marker Color Bursts on Fabric

The Kitchen Table Classroom

This is another great way to get that traditional tie-dye look without kits or rubber bands. The Kitchen Table Classroom’s Permanent Marker technique is so fun, and it will give your kids more control over the finished design since they'll be drawing out their desired patterns.




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