Drills, saws, hot glue and hammers aren’t usually what come mind when you think about kids and play. Think again. In the wonderful world of tinkering this is just the tip of the iceberg. Using creativity, math, science, imagination and the magic of trial and error, tinkering teaches future inventors about the world around them. Want to learn how to do it? Listen to these tips and tricks from the best tinkerers out there and you’ll be all set for your next project.

Dayna Abraham

Dayna loves tinkering because it’s a way to meld problem solving, math, science and creativity to inspire kids to use a variety of skills. With 12 years in early childhood education, and three adorable kids: Flora, (2); Caiden, (8); and Elijah, (10), tinkering has a special place in her heart. All of this love translates into her blog, Lemon Lime Adventures, which is here to help your fam, “embrace adventure through all of life’s sweet and sour moments.”

If you’re looking for a way to get your kiddos into tinkering, take Dayna’s advice and start with something simple. “Find something broken in your own home, that the kids can tinker with and sit with them as they take it apart and try to put it back together again.”

If you’re interested in tinkering like Dayna, try creating a tinkering outdoor kit. These kits can be filled with materials from old buildings, schools, and projects that you can upcycle for your very own tinkering projects. Your curious little tinkerers will love, “making ramps, tubes, and ball runs” for endless fun.

Online: lemonlimeadventures.com

Photo: Dayna Abraham (she’s always the one behind the camera!)

Do you like to tinker with your kids? Share your favorite project in a Comment below. 

— Natasha Davis

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