Can You Guess THE Most Popular Trader Joe’s Product of 2017?

Trader Joe's
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Every year, Trader Joe’s puts power in the hands of it’s loyal customers by holding its Customer Choice Awards. For the ninth consecutive year, shoppers got the opportunity to vote on categories like favorite overall item, favorite bakery, beverage, candy, cheese, coffee and so, so much more (because Traders Joe’s.) So, just what are all those Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards winners this year?

It’s no surprise that Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken dinner retains its throne as the fan favorite most popular Trader Joe’s product overall, and largely due in part to its easy preparation and juicy chicken covered in a delicious sauce. Goodbye crappy frozen dinner, hello Mandarin Orange Chicken! This meal not only took home the trophy for favorite overall, but for the separate frozen entrée category, too.

Other winners include Trader Joe’s Spanakopita for favorite appetizer, Spiced Cider for favorite beverage (it must be good because it beat out all of the wine in this category), Unexpected Cheddar for the cheese category and Candy Cane Joe Joe’s for best holiday item (a much-deserved win).

If there’s one thing that’s apparent, it’s that customers love Trader Joe’s and their products. It seems pretty reasonable to use the Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards list the next time you hit up TJ’s to try a few new things!

Check out the full list of customer winners over at Trader Joe’s!

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—Karly Wood