Everyone knows Trader Joe’s is the best spot for fresh flowers, sweet greeting cards & cool treats

Trader Joe’s wins out for easy dinner ideas and cheap wine, and they’re really pulling out all the stops to deliver lots of great options for gifting this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for your little ones, your kid’s teacher, your best friend, or your significant other, there’s a great gift option for everyone. Plus, they have some of the cutest cards in town. Check out the best Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day goodies spotted for 2024.

Jelly Bean Hearts

trader joe's valentine's day jelly beans

You can’t pass up these cuties that ring in at just $1.49 each.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies

Dark chocolate mini heart cookies are on our list of best Trader Joe's valentines day products

Snag some of these candy-topped cookies to put a smile on your kid’s face when they open their lunchbox.

Cachet Candy Assortment

Trader Joe's Valentines Day boxes of chocolates

With three types of chocolate in each box, your valentine will love this heart-shaped gift this Valentine’s Day. There are pink and red boxes, and each has 14 chocolates inside.

Cocoa Truffles

Simple and delicious. You can’t go wrong when you choose these to say, “I love you.”

Trader Joe’s For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake

Trader Joe's chocolate mousse cake

Perfect for sharing, these heart cakes go great with fresh berries.

Heart-Shaped Macarons

You’ll find these raspberry and vanilla creme desserts in the freezer section. Just leave them at room temp for a bit before enjoying.


Orchids are among Trader Joe's Valentines day products

Live plants are a lovely option for Valentine’s Day and Trader Joe’s is offering loads of different colors including white, pink, yellow, and purple blooms. A nice gift for teachers!

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Handcrafted Felted Wool Heart Wreath

felt wool heart wreath from Trader Joe's

Those wreaths we loved so much last year are making a comeback for Valentine’s Day in a cute heart shape. At $19.99, they could make a fun addition to your front porch.

Trader Joe’s Gummy Xs & Os

Trader Joe's gummy x's and o's are a big hit

These soft gummies are “love at first bite” according to Trader Joe’s, and we agree.

Flower Bouquets

Go the extra mile (and save a few bucks at the same time) by purchasing your Valentine’s Day flowers at Trader Joe’s. We like to get a few different varieties, like tulips, hydrangeas, and a mixed bouquet, and then make our own arrangement. You’ll spend $20 for this one-of-a-kind gift (and Trader Joe’s flowers are known to last for a long time so you’ll be a winner for weeks).

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Trader Joe’s Heart-Shaped Pasta

Get your favorite red sauce simmering alongside this cute pasta for a festive Valentine’s Day dinner. Tip: Cook to al dente so they will keep their shape better!

A Rose is a Rose Scented Candle

trader joe's valentine's day rose candles

This season’s newest scented candle will help set the scene.

Chocolate Berry Lip Mask Set

trader joe's valentine's day chocolate berry lip mask

We love this sweet set for gifting to the skincare people in our lives. Those in the know say it’s a solid dupe for Laneige.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts

trader joe's valentine's day dark chocolate caramel hearts

Pop a few of these in your kid’s lunch and they’ll be feeling the love all day!

Raspberry Mousse Cakes

trader joe's valentine's day raspberry mousse cake

These aren’t necessarily specific to Valentine’s Day, but we think they make a perfect addition to your dessert board.

Raspberry Hearts

Tea time anyone? These cute cookies are fun to add to a lunchbox or to snack on with your coffee.

Belgian Chocolate Hearts

trader joe's valentine's day belgian chocolates

We love these sophisticated chocolates that don’t have the upscale price tag.


Have a sweetheart who isn’t too keen on sweets? We personally love a gift of cheese, and Trader Joe’s has tons of options to choose from.

Trader Joe’s Greeting Cards

Trader Joe's greeting cards

If you aren’t shopping exclusively at Trader Joe’s for your greeting cards, we can’t be friends. They have so many funny and punny options that you’re guaranteed to find one that fits the bill. At 99 cents each, you should just grab a few for your stash whenever you shop.

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