Whether she’s your best friend, favorite coworker, or sister, we have the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

We’re all about using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to show our love to everyone in our lives (not just romantic partners). Sure, you don’t really need an actual excuse to do that, but it’s pretty fun when we get to celebrate anything with our favorite people. And the best part? Even if you don’t have a romantic partner, or you two choose not to do the February 14th thing, leaning into love, no matter where it is, helps us notice how much of it is in our lives. Win/win, right? Cupid’s birthday is just as important to the coolest women in your life, and we’ve got the Valentine’s Day gifts for her to show how much you care.

From your can’t-live-without coworker, your best friend in the world, the mom who always saves you a seat on the soccer practice sidelines, we found the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Trust us. We haven’t missed anything, and even gave each other a few of these goodies, ourselves. We couldn’t resist. Get ready to celebrate all the love.

Sugarfina Sweethearts Candy Tasting Kit

boxes of sugarfina candy on a valentine's day table

A super giftable collection of the grown up versions of our favorite childhood candy: Ice Cream Cones, Baby Whales, Strawberry Shortbread Cookies, Pear Italian Ice.

Sugarfina Sweethearts Candy Tasting Kit ($22.00)—Buy Here!

Chiaroscuro Hammock Sling Bag Coral Red

red sling bag purse
Sabrina Zeng

We. Are. Drooling. Wear this gorgeous Italian leather bag round your waist, over one shoulder, or slung cross-body. Okay, honestly we might buy this one for ourselves, too. 

Chiaroscuro Hammock Sling Bag Coral Red ($350.00)—Buy Here!

Exclusive Tinybeans Wine Collection by Wine Insiders (1/2 Case)

three bottles of wine on a table decorated for valentine's day
Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders designed an exclusive collection, just for Tinybeans! This 6 bottle 1/2 case assortment includes an international collection of 3 reds, 1 white, 1 rosé, and 1 sparkling. Pick a selection of mixed options, or go for an all-red or all-white selection. It's the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day plans, and we've gotta say—we're feeling awfully loved with this one!

Exclusive Tinybeans Wine Collection by Wine Insiders 1/2 Case ($60.00)—Buy Here!

The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards For Styling Spreads, Savory, & Sweet


Zero cooking skill required! This helpful deck gives you 50 gorgeous and creative ideas for serving food platters for any occasion.

The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards For Styling Spreads, Savory, & Sweet ($20.00)—Buy Here!

Diver Needlepoint Kit

needlepoint set featuring high diver

Help your best friend ease anxiety and pick up a new skill with this adorable diver needlepoint! And don't worry. It comes with instructions.

Diver Needlepoint Kit ($62.00)—Buy Here!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

three burlap bags with mexican hot chocolate bars
Uncommon Goods

Not only is this Mexican hot chocolate delightfully decadent, but the presentation is lovely. These handmade chocolate discs are available in almond, vanilla, dark chocolate, or a combination of all three.

Mexican Hot Chocolate ($42.00+)—Buy Here!

Professionally Recorded Original Song from Songfinch

hands holding a digital song print with floral art

Songfinch is a guaranteed win and it's perfect for your bestie who has everything, or your impossible-to-shop-for sister.

It's a platform backed by Doja Cat & The Weeknd where you can commission original songs about you & yours created by independent, incredibly talented musicians (think Grammy credits and recent American Idol & The Voice stars). We're talking one-of-a-kind, radio quality songs based on your stories, memories, and ideas.

You can even add custom prints, video slideshows, and more keepsakes based on your song. This isn't just a gift; it's an experience. You can thank us later.

Professionally Recorded Original Song from Songfinch ($199.00)—Buy Here!

Duo Ring

gold intertwined ring

The Duo Ring is handcrafted in solid 14k gold and is so eye-catching! We're loving the combo of smooth and textured bands, linked and twisted together for a subtle statement you can wear alone or stacked.

Duo Ring ($298.00)—Buy Here!

Himalayan Pink Salt Exfoliating Soap

hand holding a stack of 3 pink bars of soap with suds

You're basically giving her a whole spa with this one! Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts on earth. It’s known for its soothing and healing effects and can help your skin retain moisture, plus it feels incredible as you use it—like a mini massage every single day.

Himalayan Pink Salt Exfoliating Soap ($8.00)—Buy Here!

Rhinestone Cowgirl Puzzle

puzzle featuring a cowgirl on a pink horse
Cross & Glory on Amazon

Well, if this puzzle isn't a framer, we don't know what is.

Rhinestone Cowgirl Puzzle ($19.95)—Buy Here!

Anima Mundai Rose Magic Kit | Heart Alchemy

set of rose-themed alternative beauty and health products
Anima Mundai

Anima Mundai crafts gorgeous, sustainable, and effective remedies grounded in ancient medicine practices. This stunning kit is perfect for the day of love and it includes a powerful mix of topical oils, their beloved Rose Powder, a gorgeous Rose Face Mask, and a Rose Quartz Gua Sha. It's beyond just a spa in a box; it's a whole retreat!

Anima Mundai Rose Magic Kit | Heart Alchemy ($146.00)—Buy Here!

LEGO Roses

LEGO on Amazon

The more artistic side of LEGO isn't just for kids, and these roses are such a cool decoration for a desk or bedside table!

LEGO Roses ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Canyon Coffee

four bags of coffee
Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee was founded in 2016 by a Los Angeles couple (Alley and Casey, if you were wondering), it's certified organic, free trade certified, and roasted right in L.A.

Canyon Coffee ($19.00)—Buy Here!

Zodiac Puterto Bracelet by ARTIZAN JOYERIA

silver chunky chain bracelet with gold zodiac charms

Who doesn't love to show off their zodiac sign? It's a can't-miss gift, especially when it comes in the form of this ultra-chic bracelet from celeb-loved jewelry brand ARTIZAN JOYERIA. It's available in all 12 zodiac signs and you can choose from gold or silver, too! If she's not into the stars, check out their ride-or-die guide.

Zodiac Puterto Bracelet by ARTIZAN JOYERIA ($70.00)—Buy Here!

Corkcicle 40oz Cruiser

3 multi-colored tumblers with handles

These bright and fun tumblers keep 40oz of your favorite drink cold for up to 20 hours, and has an exclusive dual-function sip + straw spill-proof lid, a comfy soft-grip handle, and a stay-put silicone bottom to keep it upright no matter what. And they can be personalized, too!

Corkcicle 40oz Cruiser ($49.95)—Buy Here!

Gourmet S'more Speckled Marshmallows

gourmet marshmallows next to a row of marshmallow bags
Mojave Mallows

Ummm...what in the heavenly sweetness are these? Artisanal vanilla marshmallow swirled with chocolate chips and dusted with a finely ground graham cracker coating. Roast them. Snack them. And know that they're handcrafted in California, so you can feel extra fancy. 

Gourmet S'more Speckled Marshmallows ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Irving Vegan Convertible Clutch

woman in white top and black jeans wearing a light pink crossbody bag
Marcella NYC

We're pretty sure there isn't a hotter, sleeker convertible bag out there. With a magnetic closure and gold toned detailing, it can be worn around the waist as a beltbag, or as a classic crossbody purse. Remove her strap (which can be worn alone as a belt, too!) and Irving can be carried as a roomy clutch for easy day-to-night styling. She's four accessories in one. Your fashionista friend will swoon. Available in blush and black.

Irving Vegan Convertible Clutch ($175.00)—Buy Here!

Hot Sauce Notebook

yellow notebook with hot sauce print

What can we say? We're feeling muy caliente this Valentine's Day.

Hot Sauce Notebook ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Slimpot Enamel Kettle

a red tea kettle
Boston General Store Purveyors

The Tsukiusagi-Jirushi Slimpot is iconic in Japan, thanks to the sleek design and enamelware construction that heats water without leaving a metallic aftertaste because gross. Available in several colors, this isn't just a kettle; it's a design statement.

Slimpot Enamel Kettle ($115.00)—Buy Here!

Badass Affirmation Cards

black box of affirmation cards
shoprotik on Amazon

Funny and empowering, these cards are perfect for the oh-so-cool woman in your life, because even the coolest among us need some motivation sometimes.

Badass Affirmation Cards ($11.99)—Buy Here!

The Matcha from Cap Beauty

small jar of matcha
Cap Beauty

What can't matcha do? Known to enhance mood and create a relaxed yet focused alertness, drinking matcha consistently improves everything from the appearance of your skin and hair to your hormonal health, cardiovascular system, and immune response. Drink it, bathe in it, or even whip it up into a paste for a face mask. It's a bestseller for a reason.

The Matcha from Cap Beauty ($38.00)—Buy Here!

Pickleball Paddle Snack Tray

Uncommon Goods

Chips and dip, veggies and dressing, whatever. Whether they're a pickleball enthusiast or not, this snack tray is so dang adorable, we're sure they'll love it. It even includes a pickleball-shaped bowl for dip! 

Pickleball Paddle Snack Tray ($32.00)—Buy Here!

Cornicello Jewelry Collection

woman wearing several gold necklaces
Arms of Eve

Symbolizing good luck and positivity, the Italian Cornicello horn is believed to protect its wearer and their loved ones. Earrings, necklaces, and carms are all available in either gold or red (or the ultra-cool combination pictured here!).

Cornicello Jewelry Collection ($44.00+)—Buy Here!

A Box of Friendship Fill-in-the-Blank Letters

box of friendship notes
Em & Friends on Amazon

We're all about the sentimental, and this set of 8 customizable letters your best friend can read at her leisure is the gift that keeps on giving. We're not crying. You're crying.

A Box of Friendship Fill-in-the-Blank Letters ($13.56)—Buy Here!

Mosser Glass Bathing Beauty Dish

four glass dishes in the shape of bathing beauties

Have you ever seen a dish like this? The candy colors are the cherry on top, and she looks beautiful by your tub, on your vanity, and in the kitchen.

Mosser Glass Bathing Beauty Dish ($40.00)—Buy Here!

Judgy Fish Sticker Book

display of fish sticker book with decorative fish bowl
Brass Monkey

We can't say this enough: adults like stickers, too. If they're sassy stickers, all the better. These vintage-y illustrated fish come complete with judgy comments and side eyes (and yes, fish do just naturally have eyes on their sides but stick with us). Our shopping editor keeps leaving these stickers around her house and her family is not amused. Highly recommend. 

Judgy Fish Sticker Book ($8.00)—Buy Here!

The Charms Beanie


Chic and fun and practical? This navy beanie from trendsetter MOTHER ticks all the boxes.

The Charms Beanie ($78.00)—Buy Here!

Wave Glass Pitcher

pink glass pitcher with wavy handle
MoMA Design Store

For the coolest women in your life who have everything, we're betting they don't also have the coolest, retro-inspired glass pitcher. Whether they display it or utilize it, you can't go wrong here. Also comes in yellow with a pink handle.

Wave Glass Pitcher ($195.00)—Buy Here!

Goddess Necklaces

readheaded woman wearing two stone necklaces

You are loved. You are cherished. You are brave. Each one of these goddess necklaces has their own message and coordinating gemstone with a dainty offset pearl.

Goddess Necklaces ($42.00)—Buy Here!

BOTANICA Zodiac Candle


Everyone loves a zodiac gift, and these smell divine. Seriously, every single one of them. Plus, the fresh colors are oh-so-pretty!

BOTANICA Zodiac Candle ($32.00)—Buy Here!

BOTANICA Flameless Lighter

five multicolored flameless lighters

Of course, you need a pretty sherbet-hued lighter for that zodiac candle, right?

BOTANICA Flameless Lighter ($32.00)—Buy Here!

Sugar & Spice Double-Sided Puzzle

a boxed puzzle surrounded by candy

Of course, we only buy the cutest puzzles as gifts, and this double-sided one is drool-worthy.

Sugar & Spice Double-Sided Puzzle ($42.00)—Buy Here!

Personalized Leather Train Case


'Scarlet' is a bold orange-red. Then add gorgeous leather. Top it off with puffy quilting-inspired personalization and this train case is the perfect gift. There's also a bunch of colors if Scarlet isn’t her style.

Personalized Leather Train Case ($200.00)—Buy Here!

Stay Classy Sassy and a Bit Bad Assy Notebook

pink notebook

Who among us doesn't need this reminder every time you use this handy notebook?

Stay Classy Sassy and a Bit Bad Assy Notebook ($23.00)—Buy Here!

Central Park West Eau de Parfum

star-shaped bottle of perfume with purple houndstooth print
Bond No. 9

We really can't explain the level of divine this scent reaches, but we'll try. Inspired by Central Park West in the spring, narcissus, ylang-ylang, black pepper, and musk blend together for an unmistakable scent that's sure to be her next signature.

Central Park West Eau de Parfum ($295.00)—Buy Here!

Laetitia Rouget Magic Box


Made in Portugal and ready for anything you want to store and infuse with a little magic, this is such a charming ceramic piece.

Laetitia Rouget Magic Box ($165.00)—Buy Here!

Te Amo Heart Necklace

two gold best friend necklaces in a heart shape
Ten Wilde

This is the cooler, more grown-up version of the old school BFF necklaces. They're completely cute, totally adult-appropriate, and 10k gold, so you and your best friend will be able to wear them for so long.

Te Amo Heart Necklace ($165.00)—Buy Here!

Pink & Orange Striped Coupe Glasses Set

two coupe glasses with pink and brown striped stems

Set of two hand-blown borosilicate coupe glasses that make every cocktail and mocktail toast-worthy.

Pink & Orange Striped Coupe Glasses Set ($100.00)—Buy Here!



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