Oh the joys of vacation with small kids.



Quality family bonding.

And some seriously epic fails great enough to test the patience of a saint.

If you have ever traveled on an airplane with a toddler then you know this is a total win right here. He is sitting and not screaming and dad has both hands free. Unorthodox…yes. Win…YES!

Kids just loooooove to see your vacation Pinterest photography dreams crash and burn. This will not be this year’s holiday card I am guessing.


When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Just a relaxing afternoon lazing by the pool. On the plus side: at least he’s not drowning.

Listening to THIS for eight straight hours in the car. Every. single. time.

How does this happen? It’s like the bathing suits and underwear procreate while we sleep.

You have never actually experienced over-packing for a trip until you have traveled with a baby.

Somehow kids can not sleep on the plane nor in the car or their own bed …but THIS spot will do.

You attempt this stuff once and only once. After 10 minutes in the car crumbs are everywhere, the workbook is on the floor and they are drawing on the windows. DVDs for everyone!

Traveling usually means dining out…a LOT!  Get used to this face three times a day.

Happy travels!

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