Two Moms Share How a Quality Plush Toy Can Make Life So Much Easier

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We all have that friend (maybe it’s you!) who has held on to their childhood plush or teddy bear throughout her life. It’s stuck around from infancy into teenage years and eventually ended up in her adult home, even if it’s tucked away. Whether it’s gifted from loving grandparents or from Mom or Dad, this beloved item become a symbol of comfort, a friend on adventures and a nostalgic reminder of childhood.

As a parent embarking on these years with your own children, you know the important bond between a child and their forever friend—and so does GUND. Backed by a 120-year-old legacy, GUND was the first ever company to produce a teddy bear in the early 1900s. The iconic brand known for creating premium plush for over a century receives thousands of messages each year from parents reaching out to reclaim lost plushies or to share the love their child has for their soft, cuddly friend.  Who else could better understand the adoration and intense love between a child and their plush, which was shown in their recent commercial (cue the tears).

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Classic characters like Snuffles, GUND’s signature teddy bear with a unique crescent design that lets him look into your eyes with every hug, continues to steal hearts and new additions like Rainbow Sparkles Unicorn and Baby Toothpick Sloth give endless lovable character options for every child. We’ve curated some real life mom hacks that illustrate the important role of your child’s first best friend and exactly why you #gottagettaGUND.


Creator behind @VeronaBrit and PR Specialist at a children’s hospital, Veronika Javor has witnessed both personally and professionally how plush can calm and comfort a child, from her own home to the hallways of the hospital.

“Aside from their everyday appearances at the breakfast table, or being used as a pillow during story time, my children’s plush plays a significant role in their lives on the ‘bigger’ occasions. A cuddle before the first day of school, or after a scraped knee. If I know that tears may be coming—like when booster shots roll around—I’ll make sure to pack their favorite plush for them to hold onto. It helps them manage those moments when they need a little bit of extra courage and comfort.”


Ali Budd, mom of two and the principal behind @AliBuddInteriors, a Toronto-based design studio, learned the hard way what happens when a favorite plush is lost. On a recent trip to England, her son’s beloved friend Gordon was misplaced somewhere between arriving at the airport and boarding the plane.

“Children become so attached to their plush that it literally becomes an extension of them. It’s a disaster if it falls apart or in our case, gets lost. The solve: buy multiples! When your child finds the plush they love, make sure to stock up. It’s also important that the item be high quality, so it lasts and can withstand some aggressive hugs.”


Once these plush make their appearance, they are here to stay, so it’s important to ensure they are top quality and, of course, cute! GUND’s high-quality materials, textiles and construction, paired with beautiful modern designs, provide longer lasting memories, while also being modern and trendy additions to nursery décor and beyond.

Having recently transformed a nursery into a big girl room for one of her clients, Ali (with her designer hat on) experienced how a beloved plush can be one of the only ‘little kid’ items that graduates to the big kid room. Growing up doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for their plush.

“GUND features modern designs, adorable characters in premium fabrics with incredible attention to detail, making them effortless to incorporate into a styled space. They should be where your child is, whether on their bed or a cozy reading nook.”

Now until Nov. 26, Red Tricycle readers can save 15% on orders from GUND by using the code REDTRI at checkout!