Ugly, but make it fashion. Ugly Christmas sweaters are here.

There’s nothing as iconic as the ugly Christmas sweater. Oh, sure, they started out being worn un-ironically (over turtlenecks and paired with a festive brooch, right? We know you’re picturing it now.), but they’ve become a seasonal staple that isn’t going anywhere. Have you been resisting this trend? It’s time to embrace it. Do you already have a collection of jolly jumpers? We’re ready to help you add to it. Either way, these sweaters are the icing on the Christmas cake (Yule log?). Parties, Christmas Day, casual Friday…you need one. Or two. Whatever.

Hilariously ugly to adorably snuggly, this is the ultimate sweater guide. Oh, and if you hate sweaters, or live somewhere that it just would be miserable to wear one, we thought of that, too. There’s tees, sweatshirts, button-downs, and even an apron in here. For adults, for kids, and for pets—we made sure to include anyone who needs some extra holiday style. And make sure to note shipping cut-off dates! It’s coming fast.

For the Adults

'A Christmas Story' Sweater

Is there anything more iconic than A Christmas Story? We'll wait in this fun sweater while you think.

'A Christmas Story' Sweater ($34.99)—Buy Here!

Mele Kalikimaka Sweater

Sand and Santa? We have no complaints. Even in the coldest climates, you can bring a little Hawaiian holiday into your days.

Mele Kalikimaka Sweater ($9.99+)—Buy Here!

Merry Christmas Tacky Tassels Sweater

Tastefully tacky, this one is a lot of fun (and actually, it's a super flattering silhouette).

Merry Christmas Tacky Tassels Sweater ($44.95)—Buy Here!

Llama Christmas Sweater


Fa-la-la-la-llama, And yes. He has reindeer antlers. Of course.

Llama Christmas Sweater ($28.37)—Buy Here!

Tasteless Tinsel Sweater


Get ready to compete with the actual Christmas tree in this one!

Tasteless Tinsel Sweater ($59.95)—Buy Here!

Too Hot for Sweaters Sweater

If you run a little hot, or your holidays aren't snowy, this tee has the same sentiment as a classic sweater but less...sweaty.

Too Hot for Sweaters Sweater ($19.95)—Buy Here!

Ugly Christmas Hoodie


Who doesn't love a holiday hoodie? We sure do.

Ugly Christmas Hoodie ($38.99) Amazon—Buy Here!

Skiing Santa Sweater


Santa ready for the slopes is as appropriate as it comes!

Skiing Santa Sweater ($30.41+)—Buy Here!

T-Rex Sweater


Maybe you didn't know, but dinosaurs love the holidays.

T-Rex Sweater ($67.95), Amazon—Buy Here!

Ugly Christmas Shirt


If sweaters and t-shirts aren't your cup of egg nog, may we suggest this dapper button-down?

Ugly Christmas Shirt ($28.95)—Buy Here!

Metallic Christmas Light Sweater


This one falls on the cute side of things, and we'd suggest pairing it with faux leather leggings!

Metallica Christmas Light Sweater ($54.95)—Buy Here!

'Star Wars; Christmas Sweatshirt


A (Christmas) lightsaber battle is ideal for any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Christmas Sweatshirt ($41.95)—Buy Here!

Don't Stop Believin' Christmas Sweatshirt


You heard what Journey said. Bet you didn't know that it doubled as a Christmas song.

Don't Stop Believin' Christmas Sweatshirt ($27.79+)—Buy Here!

Reindeer Sweater


Another more classic than ugly sweater, we think it's pretty cute and 100% party-ready.

Reindeer Sweater ($29.99)—Buy Here!

Festivus Christmas Sweatshirt


Any Seinfeld fan will absolutely appreciate this sweatshirt.

Festivus Christmas Sweatshirt ($34.99-$36.99)—Buy Here!

Reindeer Gainz Christmas Sweater


Look, if you're going to continue rockin' the gym through the season, you should absolutely brag about it.

Reindeer Gainz Christmas Sweater ($49.99)—Buy Here!

Snowman Christmas Sweater Dress


The scarf belt is what really pulls it together, we think.

Snowman Christmas Sweater Dress ($49.95)—Buy Here!

Baseball Santa Sweater


Who's ready for serious reindeer games?

Baseball Santa Sweater ($49.99)—Buy Here!

Unicorn Christmas Cardigan Sweater


Uh, Christmas is magical and so are unicorns so this all adds up.

Unicorn Christmas Cardigan Sweater ($49.95)—Buy Here!

Festive Flamingo Christmas Sweater


This is adorable, and not just because our shopping editor happens to have a thing for flamingos. 

Festive Flamingo Christmas Sweater ($49.95)—Buy Here!

Retro Santa Sweater


This is...the worst thing we've ever seen. And also the greatest. It's a lot. So...pretty much the perfect ugly Christmas sweater.

Retro Santa Sweater ($49.99)—Buy Here!

Christmas Sweater Apron


Flaunt your baking skills and festive fashion with this one.

Christmas Sweater Apron ($21.00)—Buy Here!

Pink Christmas Tree Sweater


If you'd rather be a bit more subtle in your sweater selection, this is the one for you.

Pink Christmas Tree Sweater ($32.99)—Buy Here!

For the Kids

Pizza Christmas Sweater


Not all kiddos like traditional holiday food, and we're totally fine with that!

Pizza Christmas Sweater ($44.95)—Buy Here!

Santa & Snowman Hoodie


For kiddos who don't like how sweaters feel, this soft hoodie is just 'ugly' enough.

Santa & Snowman Hoodie ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Santa Hat Christmas Dress


We aren't excluding dresses from the list, especially not when they resemble a Christmas tree that Cindy Lou Who would wear.

Santa Hat Christmas Dress, ($21.95)—Buy Here!

Construction Christmas Sweater


The yellow and black construction cone "trees" got us.

Construction Christmas Sweater ($29.99)—Buy Here!

Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweatshirt


The non-traditional colors really make this one pop.

Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweatshirt ($26.99)—Buy Here!

Sea Sleigher Sweater


We would've called this one 'Santa Jaws' but it's fine. Still cute.

Sea Sleigher Sweater ($29.95)—Buy Here!

Christmas Present Sweater


Our kids are our favorite gifts, to be fair.

Christmas Present Sweater ($29.99)—Buy Here!


For the Pets

Oh Norman! Cozy AF Holiday Sweater

Oh Norman!

Oh Norman! is a dog care line founded by Kaley Cuoco, and has the cutest gifts for dog lovers (all available for under $50). There's even pet owner goodies, too, and a portion of all purchases are donated to animal rescue organization. That's a gift that keeps on giving.

Oh Norman! Cozy AF Holiday Sweater ($35.00)—Buy Here!

Antler Pet Christmas Sweater


This one comes with a hood that has attache antlers. Need we say more?

Antler Pet Christmas Sweater ($18.99)—Buy Here!

Christmas Tree Pet Christmas Sweater


What if they wore a Christmas tree instead of destroying one?

Christmas Tree Pet Christmas Sweater ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Santa Riding Pet Sweater


Terrible. Absolutely terrible. And so good (just read all the reviews, actually).

Santa Riding Pet Sweater ($23.99)—Buy Here!

Pet Wreath Scrunchie Collar


This is a great alternative for furry family members who don't do well with pet clothes.

Pet Wreath Scrunchie Collar ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Gingerbread Playhouse Pet Sweater


Gingerbread pretty much scream the holidays. Uh...bark the holidays?

Gingerbread Playhouse Pet Sweater ($13.00)—Buy Here!

Christmas Trees Pet Hoodie


For dogs who get warm easily, or if you live in a mild climate, this sporty pet hoodie is the perfect way to go.

Christmas Trees Pet Hoodie ($10.00)—Buy Here!



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