In a viral TikTok video, a mom describes her “unicorn” theory that helps explain why making mom friends is so dang hard

Ask any mom and she’ll tell you: Making mom friends ain’t always easy. In theory, it should be—moms have similar struggles and stressors to bond over, and there are so many benefits to building a village to help support you (and vice versa) while you raise a whole new human. So why’s it so hard? Well, this mom’s theory about “unicorn” mom friends may help explain it.

Mom @annaleegrace15 is going viral on TikTok for her video explaining the concept of “unicorn mom friends.” Using her kid’s art easel, she created a Venn diagram that helps show what she means.


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“I have a theory about mom friends and I need to know if everyone else feels the same way,” she says in the video. “Before I had kids, I had no idea how hard it was gonna be to make mom friends.”

The Venn diagram she draws has three circles to represent what she says are the three types of mom friends.

In the first circle, you have a heart for the mom friends who “get” you.

“Y’know, the mom friends that you would naturally get along with anyways,” Annalee says. “You have a similar interest, feels really easy, probably hang out with them even if your kids weren’t there.”

The second circle is all about the kids—specifically, moms with kids the same age as your own.

“I have a one-year-old and you have a six-year-old, we’re not gonna be able to go do the same play dates,” Annalee explains. “If I have a two-year-old and you have a two-year-old, let’s go to the same park together, baby, let’s go. And it is already rare enough to find a mom friend that you generally jive with, who also has babies the same age as you, okay?”

And the third circle might be the most important one: Location. As Annalee explains, moms must live in the same general area to become good mom friends.

And at the center of the Venn diagram is the tiny space where all three circles overlap. That’s where the unicorn mom friends live.

“You have found a mom friend that you love with kids the same age as you, who lives in the same general area as you, you have hit the unicorn mom jackpot,” Annalee explains. “It hardly ever works out like that. Either you love someone and you’re in different states, they have different babies, maybe the same age babies as someone, and they decide to just move away out of nowhere.”

Clearly, the sentiment resonates with moms because the video is super viral and the comments are heaping praise on this idea.

“My best friend and I got pregnant 3 days apart. And we live down the street from each other. And our husbands get along. It’s a dream,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “You forgot the 4th circle — a mom friend with a husband who gets along with your husband! That’s the real unicorn!”

For all the moms out there who have found their unicorn friend, Annalee had this to say: “Text her right now and tell her how thankful you are for her. It’s incredibly rare, my friends, incredibly rare.”

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