Amazon Has a Unicorn Taco Holder & It’s Pure Magic

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What could make Taco Tuesdays even more magical than they already are? A unicorn taco holder, of course!

Whether your kiddo is all about tacos, totally into unicorns or loves them both equally, Amazon has a stand that holds two tacos—and it’s a pink unicorn.

photo: Amazon

The unicorn taco holder sells for just under $19, is dishwasher safe and is 100 percent BPA-free. Don’t worry if your finicky eater suddenly shuns tacos. According to the product description, the unicorn awesomeness can hold toast or sandwiches too.

Along with the unique unicorn, Amazon also sells a camel taco holder ($14.79). Both the unicorn and camel taco holders come in packs of two. If you want a variety, Amazon also has a multi-pack (one Ultrasaurus and one Triceratops) for just under $19.

—Erica Loop



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