Unicorn Christmas Trees Are the Most Magical New Trend of the Season

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Looking for something a little more unique this holiday season? Skip the traditional Christmas tree in favor of something a little more extraordinary and dazzle your family and friends with a magical unicorn Christmas tree!

The newest holiday trend is getting a lot of attention and something your kids are going to be big fans. So how exactly do you bring this magical tree to your home?

If you want to DIY this whimsical Christmas decor at home, start by swapping out your green tree for a pink, white or silver one. Just about any sparkly color will do the trick. Next you need to fashion the unicorn horn topper. You can purchase them already made, like this cute one from Etsy or you can follow a tutorial like this one to make your own.

You can also opt to give your unicorn Christmas tree a pair of lovely lashes like the tree below.


If you don’t feel ready to dedicate your entire living room to all things unicorn, you can always opt for sprucing up a mini tree with unicorn decor instead.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Taylor Moon via Instagram



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