Love is in the air, and it doesn’t always have to be about fancy flowers and tasty treats. We’ve found 18 unique DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that kids can make (they’re no joke!) and that you (or whoever the lucky person is) will actually want to keep. Get ready to create something unique that comes straight from the heart. Don’t forget to check out our favorite homemade Valentine’s Day cards too!

Illustrated Magnets

We love this sweet DIY Valentine’s gift idea! All you need is glass marbles, white cardstock, pens, Modge Podge, and hot glue.

Black Glue Heart Art

Black glue might not be top of mind when you think about homemade Valentine’s gifts, but this project is stunning and good for all crafting levels. Get the details and the printable template from Red Ted Art. 

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

These adorable heart-shaped tea bags will make tea lovers smile as they steep their morning cup.

Heart Decorated Jars

Decorate these jars with hearts and Valentine’s Day designs, then fill them with whatever treat you’d like.

Heart-Shaped Pencil Toppers

heart-shaped pencil toppers are an easy DIY Valentine's Gift
The Best Ideas for Kids

Pencil this idea in, and you have a pretty gift for your Valentine. We love The Best Idea for Kids use of pipe cleaners and Valentine pencils to put together this clever craft that becomes a heartfelt gift.

Coffee Filter Hearts

Simple Fun for Kids

What better way to say "I love you" than with a pretty coffee filter heart? Simple Fun for Kids shows the how-to for this craft that makes a perfect gift. You’ll need coffee filters, markers, and an eyedropper (or something similar) then let your little artist go to it.

Paper Airplane Valentines

Pink Stripey Socks

This DIY Valentine’s gift soars above the rest. Mom Leslie over at Pink Stripey Socks gives the step-by-step on how to make these adorable paper airplane Valentines. Not only are they fun to make, but also they make a cool gift.

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Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

heart-shaped paper clips are an easy DIY valentine's day gift
How About Orange

If you’re down to the last minute and need a quick (and cute!) gift, then these heart-shaped paper clips do the trick. Click through to How About Orange for the how-to. Even more, add a sweet note or a new book, and you're done.

Heart Tea Towels

Clumsy Crafter

What’s more fun than stamping your heart out? We love Clumsy Crafter’s cute and elegant DIY heart tea towels. Grab those potatoes, carve, stamp, and follow the directions. You’ll have tons of fun!

Shake Painting Heart Gift

No Time for Flash Cards

Your budding Picasso can make a Valentine’s Day gift with this easy-to-do shake painting. Head over to No Time for Flashcards to find out how to do this fun craft. Pick your colors, throw in hearts, and shake. It's the perfect present.

Heart Magnets

heart magnets are an easy DIY Valentine's Gift

For a gift that will stick around past February, these heart magnets from Idlewife are awesome. They’re pretty easy to make, but leave yourself enough time to let them harden after you’ve sculpted them.

Love Monsters

love monsters are a creative diy valentine's gift
Eighteen 25

How cute are these little love monsters from Eighteen 25? Using yarn, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes, they’re super fun to make, and we love that each one is unique.

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Candy-Filled Tackle Box

candy tackle boxes are a cute diy valentine's gift
Close to Home

If you’ve got a fisherman in your life (or a candy lover), she or he will get a kick out of this clever gift from Close to Home. Fill up the tackle box with Swedish fish and gummy worms, then attach a little tag.

Decorated Coffee Mugs

Inside My Hideaway

Here’s a heartfelt gift that budding artists can make with a cup, glossy paint, and a small paintbrush. Get the instructions from Inside My Hideaway.

Paper Bookmark

a heart-shaped paper heart is a fun DIY Valentine's gift
How About Orange

Who’s number one in your book? With just a few creases and folds you can make this origami bookmark heart. Make a few and give them to friends who love to read. Go to How About Orange for the simple tutorial.

Antique Wood Hearts

a heart-shaped wood ornament is a cool DIY Valentine's Gift
Melissa via Fireflies and Mud Pies

While not for the faint of heart (see what we did there?), we adore this DIY Valentine's Day gift from Fireflies and Mud Pies. Your kids can make one using paint, an antiquing medium, a wood heart, and twine.

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Colorful Sun Catchers

Kristina via Toddler Approved

Hearts will be full when the kids hand off a brightly colored heart sun catcher this Valentine's Day. Give your kids a salad spinner, coffee filter, paint, and paper, then watch them create from the heart. Mom Kristina gives us the know-how over at Toddler Approved.

Simple Knot Bracelets

The Nerd's Wife

These heart-shaped bracelets will help your kid let her BFFs know that life would knot be the same without them. Head over to The Nerd’s Wife for an easy tutorial that requires a paracord and scissors.

Love Bugs

DIY Valentine's Gifts
Katie via A Little Pinch of Perfect

Go buggy with this cute craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect. You can help your kids make one with a tin can, craft paper, googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner.

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