Our kids already have our hearts, but these (candy-free!) Valentine’s Day gifts for kids help show it

Hey, Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to just adults and classrooms (don’t forget to pick up those Valentines, by the way. You’re welcome.). Our kiddos are the loves of our lives, and considering all the joy (and maybe a little chaos, but mostly joy) that they bring to our lives, we’re using Cupid’s birthday as an opportunity to show our little ones some extra fun with these Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Of course, you already know how much candy is on the shelves already. And if you don’t, we promise your kids will point it out to you immediately the next time you take them to the store. We’re not anti-candy or anything, but we’d rather get more creative with our picks for the season. These are some of the most fun, creative, cute, and even educational (shhhh!) Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that are sugar-free and really darling. Our lovey-dovey list is below, so get ready to help them feel extra loved this February 14th.

Piece of My Heart Handmade Sidewalk Chalk


These handmade faceted heart sidewalk chalk sets are just. so. cool. Available in either pink and white or black and white. Or snag both (they are sugar-free).

Piece of My Heart Handmade Sidewalk Chalk ($18.00)—Buy Here!

'A Pizza My Heart' Board Book


I love you so much, where to begin? Inside and out, through thick crust and thin. We can't get enough of this darling board book by Stephani Stilwell. Similar to how we feel about pizza, actually. 

'A Pizza My Heart' Board Book ($7.98)—Buy Here!

carter joey Sling Pack

kids backpack with nature-themed items spilling out
carter joey

The carter joey Sling Pack is designed to enhance your kiddos' experiences in the outdoors and gives them a place to collect all those treasures they gather along every walk. They're designed for little ones and include the space to show off their Achievement Patches, encouraging them to get outside, stay active, and appreciate nature (and that goes for parents, too!). Right now, snag the patches during their BOGO Sale with code PLAYFULHEARTS.

carter joey Sling Pack ($39.99)—Buy Here!

Amuseable Love Locks


These sweet locks are happy to be linked together. Silver waves their little arms and Gold sports Valentine's Day-ready boots. Did we mention they're super soft, too?

Amuseable Love Locks ($32.50)—Buy Here!

LEGO Lotus Flowers

LEGO on Amazon

The LEGO flower collection is one of our favorites, and these lotus flowers are excellent gifts both ready-to-build or even put together and slid into a cute vase for a sweet bouquet that'll last forever!

LEGO Lotus Flowers ($14.99)—Buy Here!

'Be Kind' Enamel Heart Charm Pen Set


SNIFTY makes some Willy Wonka-esque pens and pencils, and this lovey pen set couldn't be more perfect.

'Be Kind' Enamel Heart Charm Pen Set ($16.00)—Buy Here!

ban.do Sticker Book Issue 5


Kids. Love. Stickers. Heck, we love stickers. You can't go wrong with this cool sticker book. 'Taco Monday'? We'd like to hear more about that.

ban.do Sticker Book Issue 5 ($12.00)—Buy Here!

Lip Smacker Lippy Pals Set of 3

Lip Smacker on Amazon

Foxy apple, llama strawberry, and bunny carrot cake flavors taste just as good as they did when we were younger. Might wanna grab 2 sets.

Lip Smacker Lippy Pals Set of 3 ($8.47)—Buy Here!

Emotional Support Flowers


Flowers are a classic Valentine's Day gift, but for kiddos, the plush version is way more fun.

Emotional Support Flowers ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Plushpop by Lovepop

valentine's day greeting card with pop-up teddy bear inside

Plushpop is the newest greeting card from the artists over at Lovepop, and it's perfect for kiddos. The pop-up plush bear comes to life when the card is opened, and you can either choose to handwrite your message on the inside, or add a custom message, photo, or gift card—Lovepop will print and add it! Available in pink or tan.

Plushpop by Lovepop ($19.00)—Buy Here!


Flashback Multi Inflatable Lilo Chair


Y2K vibes are back, and this inflatable chair proves it. It's such a cool addition to pool days or even your kiddo's bedroom while they countdown to summer. They can either sit in it, or flip the bottom out and recline. 

Flashback Multi Inflatable Lilo Chair ($90.00)—Buy Here!

Andy Warhol Soup Can Crayons + Sharpener

paint can of crayons with a campbell's soup label

With 18 extra-thick crayons in Warhol-inspired colors, this set isn't only so fun; it can spark a whole artistic conversation!

Andy Warhol Soup Can Crayons + Sharpener ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Neon Heart Wall Light

Pottery Barn Teen

We're parents. That means there will never be enough minutes in the day to tell our kids how much we love them. What we can do is show them in bright detail every day with this great neon heart light!

Neon Heart Wall Light ($99.00)—Buy Here!

Crazy Aaron's Love Letter Thinking Putty

Barnes & Noble

Kids of all ages (recommended 3+ by the brand) adore Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! Our shopping editor's kiddo can't get enough of it, and it comes in lots of different colors and themes. Of course, we're very into the Love Letter version for the season.

Crazy Aaron's Love Letter Thinking Putty ($3.99)—Buy Here!

'Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography'

Little Golden Book on Amazon

We are firmly convinced that Taylor Swift is for everyone, so this kid-friendly Taylor biography is a must for Swifties of every age!

'Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography' ($4.78)—Buy Here!

Original Mondo Koosh

Koosh on Amazon

Bigger and better, the Mondo Koosh is just as much fun to play with now as it was when we were kids! Also awesome for fidgeting and screen-free play.

Original Mondo Koosh ($12.09)—Buy Here!

Valentine's Hidden Pictures Puzzles to Highlight

Highlights on Amazon

Seek-and-find puzzles are always a hit (and sneakily educational) but this Valentine's Day set from Highlights includes a highlighter so your little ones can create neon images as they discover the hidden goodies.

Valentine's Hidden Pictures Puzzles to Highlight ($6.28)—Buy Here!

Squishmallows Caparinne the Bigfoot Valentine's Day Plush

Squishmallows on Amazon

The cutest cryptid we've ever seen is by far Caparinne the Bigfoot. Admittedly, her feet are pretty small, but that makes her all the more special.

Squishmallows Caparinne the Bigfoot Valentine's Day Plush ($26.99)—Buy Here!

NeeDoh Squeeze Heart

Schylling on Amazon

Definitely a good kind of stress squeeze ball (the kind that reminds them that you love them, of course!).

NeeDoh Squeeze Heart ($9.95)—Buy Here!

Heart Initial Necklace


Initial jewelry isn't going anywhere anytime soon—it's so on-trend right now! This sweet heart is dainty and the perfect size for little ones.

Heart Initial Necklace ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Valentine's Day Pikachu


If the Squishmallows Bigfoot isn't their style, this awesome Pikachu (complete with heart-shaped Poké Ball) just might be.

Valentine's Day Pikachu ($21.99)—Buy Here!

At First Sight Tangram Puzzle


Give them a piece of your heart (or several!) with this tangram puzzle set from Brass Monkey. Start on a simple puzzle, like the heart, and work your way up to more complicated shapes and a gamebook to use as a guide.

At First Sight Tangram Puzzle ($20.00)—Buy Here!

Toast Bulldog Puppy Plush

GUND on Amazon

Toast the Bulldog (his. name. is. Toast.) and he is 100% willing to guard your babes' sweet little hearts. Who could resist that face? Not us.

Toast Bulldog Puppy Plush ($30.00)—Buy Here!


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