These winter essentials are the feel-good products to keep you going when winter feels like it’s going to last f o r e v e r

We’re cold. You’re cold. The days are short, the weather is a gamble, and the argument with your kids about wearing their coat is neverending. It’s the middle of winter and if you’re feeling a little blue, or even if you’re dealing with full-on Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s fully understandable. Of course, the season doesn’t mean life isn’t still great. It’s just a bit easier to find yourself pretty zapped, crabby, or dull. And we’re here to bring you back to feeling your best with these winter essentials.

Whether it’s your favorite time of year or not, we’ve got some serious tricks up our sleeves to keep you going no matter what the weather is doing. We’re even willing to bet that there are a lot of these feel-good products that you’ll find yourself reaching for all year. We’re talking winter essentials that will keep you going inside, outside, and every single day, and that’ll improve your mood, comfort, and overall sense of well-being. We mean it. Keep reading to get your glow back this winter.

Marshmallow Brown Warmies Boots


Warmies Boots are fully microwavable and scented with real French lavender, so you can warm your always-cold feet and get some zen out of the whole thing, too. Just pop them in the microwave (follow the instructions) and you'll have up to a full hour of cozy warmth. Available in 3 colors, too.

Marshmallow Brown Warmies Boots ($34.99)—Buy Here!

Costa Farms Live Money Tree Indoor Plant

Costa Farms on Amazon

When it's gloomy and grey outside, you need to bring a little spring to your space. Adding a live plant not only cleans the air and reduce your stress levels, but they brighten up your whole mood. The braided money tree from Costa Farms is a winner for sure, and she only needs to be watered once a week in most cases.

Costa Farms Live Money Tree Indoor Plant ($27.19)—Buy Here!

Tony's Chocolonely Super Duper Milk Bundle

Tony's Chocolonely on Amazon

We have good news. Snapping off a piece or two of your favorite chocolate candy can actually improve your mood and alter brain patterns. Thanks, science! Obviously, we can't inhale massive amounts of these incredible Tony Chocolonely bars (even if we think we want to. Even if this bundle does include Chocolate Raspberry...) without actually feeling not-so-great, but a little bit might just be your ticket out of the winter blues.

Tony's Chocolonely Super Duper Milk Bundle ($29,98)—Buy Here!

ThirdLove All Day Lace T-Shirt Bra


We're jumping right into comfort because when you're spending time inside, comfort is key. And when it comes to bras, that goes double (pardon the pun). When was the last time you invested in a really, really good bra? Be honest. ThirdLove has bra-sizing wizards (we're assuming) that help you figure out your bra size (the real one!) with just a few questions, and point you toward the best bra for you. Plus, you get a coupon for $15 off your purchase when you complete the bra quiz.

We're partial to the All Day Lace T-Shirt Bra—especially since the lace is actually soft! And we couldn't do without the ultra-comfy (and super pretty) coordinating All Day Lace Cheeky Panty. There's just something about matching underwear that makes us feel like we have it all together.

ThirdLove All Day Lace T-Shirt Bra ($78.00)—Buy Here!

AG1 Athletic Greens

Yes, we suggested chocolate, and here’s how to offset that. Consider this: anything green is generally a good-for-you-mood-lifter, especially during the dark winter months. AG1 can help increase your energy levels, decrease bloating, reduce cravings, and add some more calm to your life. It can also replace your multi-product regimen: multivitamin, prebiotics, probiotics, and more. Plus, AG1 is loved by athletes and health gurus, especially since it’s so easy, super convenient, and tastes great (really!). Check out all the ways to drink your greens!

AG1 Athletic Greens ($79.00+)—Buy Here!

Homesick Beach Cottage Candle

Homesick on Amazon

All of Homesick's candles are so dreamy, and the Beach Cottage candle is no exception. If you can't be at a beach cottage, at least your house can smell like one, right? Bergamot, sea air, and plumeria blend together for a seaside experience (even if it's snowing outside).

Homesick Beach Cottage Candle ($38.00)—Buy Here!

Hexagonal Plant Stand

Tikea on Amazon

You're gonna need a place to display your money tree, or any other houseplants you may already have or decide to bring home. How cool is this hexagonal plant stand? You can even adjust the shapes for your own custom plant setup.

Hexagonal Plant Stand ($35.99)—Buy Here!

HappyLight by Verilux

Verilux on Amazon

The sun is setting early and the days aren't always sunny to begin with in the winter, so meet HappyLight. HappyLight delivers 10,000 Lux of UV-free, LED, full-spectrum light for natural light therapy that doesn't include glares, flickering, or hotspots. Bright light therapy can help improve sleep, boost mood, increase energy, and enhance focus (in any season, actually, but definitely in the cold winter months).

HappyLight by Verilux ($31.99)—Buy Here!

Good Night Bright Brightening Serum

NYL Skincare

Vitamin C is like sunshine in a bottle. Good Night Bright Brightening Serum works to encourage cell turnover, stimulates collagen, and boosts firmness and elasticity. With natural vitamin C from Kakadu plums, Good Night Bright is gentle on skin and won't cause irritation, redness, or flaking.

Good Night Bright Brightening Serum ($78.00)—Buy Here!

Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook


Ina Garten shares 85 comfort food recipes in this New York Times #1 Bestselling cookbook that's sure to warm you right up on even the most wintery of winter days. Green Spaghetti Carbonara, Crispy Chicken & Lemon Orzo, and even Pomegranate Gimlets to keep the whole family oh-so-cozy.

Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook ($19.99)—Buy Here!

High-Pressure Rain Showerhead

Gurin on Amazon

This deceptively simple showerhead is a cinch to install (no tools!) and feels ridiculously luxurious. It changed our whole shower game for less than $20.

High-Pressure Rain Showerhead ($19.99)—Buy Here!

The Self Love Journal

Switch Research on Amazon

Feeling low? Winter have you seriously blah? Journal it out. Even if you're new to journaling, this guided 91 day journal helps you focus on your goals and intentions, practice gratitude and mindfulness, and start feeling a lot more positive. It might even make you a fan of journaling for life!

The Self Love Journal ($36.99)—Buy Here!

Big Blanket Co. Hideout Hoodie

Big Blanket Co.

The makers of The Big Blanket, which we're already huge fans of, launched their Hideout Hoodie not too long ago and we have yet to see anything cozier. Have you? It's big. It's so, so warm. There's a hood, kangaroo pocket, and a built-in sleep mask. Multiple colors and prints are available, but choose wisely; you'll be living in it all season. The Hideout Hoodie is one of those winter essentials we reach for constantly. 

Big Blanket Co. Hideout Hoodie ($129.00)—Buy Here!

Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set by Scout Urling

Uncommon Goods

Local Washington State farmers, producers, and wild harvesters supply Scout Urling with ultra high-quality ingredients to create the most comforting tea collection that'll warm you from the inside out.

Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set by Scout Urling ($42.00)—Buy Here!

Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

Contigo on Amazon

You're going to want to keep that tea (or coffee, or cocoa...) hot, of course. A whopping 121,000+ Amazon reviewers swear by this one. It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and will keep your comfort beverage hot for 5 hours (if it lasts that long, that is).

Contigo West Loop Travel Mug ($17.32+)—Buy Here!

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Perytong on Amazon

They're calling them 'headphones', but you could also totally use them as a sleep mask, too. Block out noise, bliss out to your favorite music, and drift away. You can also definitely work out with them, work, study, meditate...definitely a must-have. Multiple colors available, too.

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Half-Zip Sweatshirt & Wide-Leg Lounge Set

XIEERDUO on Amazon

We're sure you haven't missed the matching-2-piece-set trend—just open IG or TikTok and you'll see them all over. And it's really no surprise. Who doesn't want to be warm, comfortable, cute, and wearing something you can hang out in all day at home or easily run errands in? Plus, matching sets, well, match, so you don't even have to think about putting an outfit together. This versatile half-zip top and wide-leg bottom set comes in a bunch of different colors and can easily be layered over baselayers for super cold days.

Half-Zip Sweatshirt & Wide-Leg Lounge Set ($49.99)—Buy Here!

Mindful Messages Positive Affirmation Cards

Mindful Messages on Amazon

If you find yourself feeling a little blue, or even when you're having a great day, positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to produce a positive mood boost, and give you the tools to sustain that good mood, too. Shuffle this encouraging and calming deck, select a card, and trust that you were meant to see that message. Take it with you through your day. Don't believe us? Really dedicate yourself to a week of focusing on your affirmations and watch the magic happen.

Mindful Messages Positive Affirmation Cards ($14.99)—Buy Here!

The Viral Amazon Orolay Coat

Orolay on Amazon

This is one coat that keeps going viral—just read any of the almost 28,000 Amazon reviews! Available at a steal, sizes XXS-5XL, and in multiple colors, you'll wear this year after year.

The Viral Amazon Orolay Coat ($151.99)—Buy Here!

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