This Dad’s Tweets About Changing Tables & Gender Bias Is Spot On

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Dads aren’t babysitters. And it seems like changing tables and gender bias is something we all need to start thinking about. Yes, dads do take care of their kids. Umm, that means they do all the same things we do. Okay, so they can’t actually breastfeed. But they can bottle feed, give baths, read to their kiddos, cuddle with them and change diapers. Even though 57% of dads see parenting as “extremely important” to their identity and they devote an average of seven hours a week to child care, according to the Pew Research Center, they aren’t always treated as “caregivers.”

One dad, Clint Smith, took to social media, sounding off on the myth of mom as the sole caregiver. Smith recently tweeted, “Something that’s really bothered me since we had a kid is how few men’s restrooms have changing tables for babies.”

Smith continued, “It 1) further perpetuates the notion that the burden of childcare should singularly be on the woman 2) assumes that men are never out by themselves with kids.”

Hmm. We say bravo to Smith on more than one level. To start with, a big thanks should go out to this dad on his willingness to put the fact that the “burden of childcare” is typically placed on only the woman. Beyond that, Smith should get a big ol’ round of applause from other proud papas out there who spend their Saturday afternoons, Tuesday mornings or every day of the week caring for their kiddos — by themselves.

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—Erica Loop