This Viral Holiday Gift Prank Is Sure to Get Some Laughs

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The joyous gift-giving season can also be a fun time to get a little mischievous. A prank holiday gift is a great way to bring some laughs to your parties and family gatherings and this viral birthie stick gift box is no exception.

For just a few dollars, your gift is sure to be the life of the party with the Prank Pack “Birthie Stick” Gift Box. The empty box advertises a “Birthie Stick” which is a device that allows you to film a selfie of your baby’s birth.

photo: Amazon

No, it’s not a real thing, but the look on your friends’ faces when they unwrap it will be unreal. It’s the perfect talking piece for any mom’s night or white elephant party this holiday season. The fake prank box is available on Amazon for $8.

photo: Amazon

There are several other hilarious prank box options to choose from, like the Baby Shield, another pretend device meant to help make diaper changes less messy.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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