Getting back into the workforce after having kids isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve got gap in your resume. Walmart has just announced plans to expand a successful returnship program that gives new moms a leg up in returning to work.

Last year Walmart launched the Path Forward program dedicated to creating training and work opportunities for moms trying to jump back into their careers after taking time off to be with their babies. Now the company has just announced that it will be expanding the program to multiple locations across the country including San Bruno, Sunnyvale and Carlsbad, California, Bentonville, Arkansas and Reston, Virgina.

photo: Courtesy of Walmart

The program will be seeking up to 100 candidates, more than triple the amount in the program’s first year. It is open to women who have at least five years of professional working experience and who took a work pause of at least two years for caregiving.

The “returnship” program gives the participants training in skills like software engineering and product development and provides experience working in the fields of engineering, user experience, product management and data science for a four-month period. At the end of last year’s program nearly three-quarters of the women went on to accept full-time positions at Walmart.

Interested applicants can sign up for a recruiting event on May 29 in Sunnyvale, California and those accepted will begin the returnship program in Aug. 2019. For more information on the program and to sign up check out the website here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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