We Tested Out Microsoft’s Edge Shopping Browser (& We’re in Love)

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One of our editors, Jamie Aderski, took Microsoft Edge, a browser loaded with shopping tools, for a test run for her holiday shopping. Here’s what she found:

Online shopping is always my go-to: No screaming kids, no lines, just enjoying spending my hard-earned money on things I need (let’s be real—want). Shopping on my laptop saves me a trip IRL, but does it really save me time, not to mention money—especially during the holiday season when sales are hitting me up from everywhere… but which is the best? You could spend hours just searching for the best deal on one toy! Who has that kind of time, energy, patience? Not me. I’ve got holiday cookies to bake… err, eat. 

Well, my Christmas miracle came early, with Microsoft Edge. ‘Tis the giving season and the generous elves at Microsoft were kind enough to gift me $250 to give Microsoft Edge a try! This browser scours the internet for deals, so I don’t have to—but wait, there’s more! Keep reading for all the juicy details…

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How It Works

Once you download the Microsoft Edge browser, you can automatically use the shopping features, since they are built in. Go to any website and BOOM! An icon appears with all the coupons available on that site—it’s like Christmas, people! Just pop some items into your cart, and Microsoft Edge will automatically try every possible coupon to get you the best deal. First effort, I was on the hunt for something cute and cozy for my sister-in-law and BAMN! Microsoft Edge found a coupon that got me 25% off at Kohl's and free shipping on the perfect cardi for her!

Original Price: $36.00

Price with Microsoft Edge: $24.99 + Free Shipping ($8.95 value)

Savings: $19.96 (!!)


But it’s not just coupons… here’s what else I loved about it:


Freedom from FOMO

Not only does it find you every deal possible before you buy, but it also lets you know if it’s a good time to buy; if the price is “stable,” meaning it isn’t likely to be cheaper any time soon, or it is, and in that case, you should wait, FOMO free—ahhh, the freedom! Who doesn’t hate paying too much? That feeling when you buy that thing and then it goes on sale—I have a pit in my stomach just thinking about it. No more! Thanks to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge found a coupon for $15 off any Amazon purchase with the purchase of a $100 Apple Gift Card (perfect for my hubs because he’s hard to shop for). That’s 15% off Apple! And their stuff never goes on sale! How do I know? Microsoft Edge's price comparison tool, of course!

Original Price: $100

Price with Microsoft Edge: $100 + $15 Amazon Gift Card for FREE

Shop Smarter—Not Harder

Have your eyes on a prize…? You can use Microsoft Edge's price comparison feature. Just click on the price ticket icon, and it will compare prices across the web so you know this deal is tops, even when you can't get a coupon.

My son wants Paw Patrol's Transforming City Fire Truck. I've been holding off because it's like 50 bucks. Let's get to work, Microsoft Edge! I got lucky and found a sale price on Target, but no coupons were available. I used the handy dandy comparison shopping tool, and nope! My new bestie Microsoft Edge let me know no store could beat this price, so I bought it!

Regular Price: $49.99

Price with Microsoft Edge: $40.49

Savings: I saved almost $10 and my sanity, knowing I snagged the best price.

Instant Reviews You Don’t Have to Search For

Okay, clearly, you are a smart shopper—you're reading this article! With Microsoft Edge, there is zero time wasted searching high and low for reviews to make sure you're getting what you pay for—there's an Microsoft Edge icon for that! That's right, just click, and without leaving the page, you'll see ratings and reviews from multiple sources in the know.

Checkout Speed: Lightning!

All of the above makes for a quicker, simpler and more satisfying shopping experience. Microsoft Edge gets extra credit, too, for allowing you to autofill your checkout details. Who's tired of entering their address into the "field"? Me, I am. And probably you, too.

I was looking for what my daughter calls "ballerina dresses" for Christmas, and Carter's had some adorable ones. Microsoft Edge found me a coupon for 10% off Carter's! Original price: $75 New total: $67.50. Saving: $7.50! Real talk: Shopping online for clothes is probably my least favorite, but I've found it to be the best option, rather than dragging my kids to a store. And now that I'm co-shopping with Microsoft Edge, my autofill checkout info was ready, so I can be done and move on with my life... err, eating holiday cookies, in a flash!

Original Price: $75

Price with Microsoft Edge: $67.50

Savings: $7.50

Bottom Line:  Microsoft’s Edge is my new best shopping buddy. It’s elevated my online shopping experience to near perfection since it’s guilt-free: I know I’m getting the best deal possible, with the least amount of work and I didn’t even have to put on pants that zip. 

Happy Shopping, all!

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