Oh, the Places They Will Sleep!

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Kids can be absolute troopers when it comes staying up late, but when the Sandman comes around, there’s no escaping Snooze-town! Check out these hilarious photos of kids sleeping in strange places and positions.

This babe refused to sleep unless pops was holding her, and after two hours, he decided to have his cake and eat it too.


photo: 2nie via reddit

Bedtime stories are also for Santa.  reddit-biggerstr0nger

photo: biggerstr0nger via reddit

“Just one more…” Hey, we’ve all been there.


photo: sarcasticgamer via reddit

When this babe arrived to Santa already sleeping, he told the parents not to wake him up. How cute!reddit-sluttymonkey

photo: sluttymonkey via reddit

Sleeping on the wooden floor might actually be more comfortable in this case… 


photo: stefeyboy via reddit

Oh, we’ve been here before too.


photo: Tamawesome via reddit

Almost there…! This dad shared all the moments of when his kiddo fell asleep. See all of them over at Imgur here.

photo: Scevans09 via reddit

This one technically hasn’t fallen asleep yet, but we won’t put it past him not to doze off under his genius invention.


photo: arvzg via reddit

Where’s the strangest place your kiddo has dozed off? Tell us in the comments below!

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