She’s an organizer extraordinaire, creator of the KonMari Method, Netflix star—and a mother of two. So what sparks joy for the reigning queen of tidying up? Not so surprisingly, Marie Kondo’s kids are at the top of her list.

With Kondo’s hit new Netflix show that has America in a frenzy of “tidying up,” Kondo is doing more than just changing indoor aesthetics—she’s also changing lives. Her organizational method focuses on holding onto those things that “spark joy.”

Of course, Kondo doesn’t just talk the talk. The organizational guru totally walks the walk, too. During an interview with Hello Giggles, Kondo shared that her joy-sparking items include a crystal in her bedroom, an earthen rice-cooking pot and an antique writing desk.

But it’s not just about things and possessions; Kondo shared what activities spark the most joy for her and her fam. Kondo told Hello Giggles, “After tidying up from the day, I do yoga with my children in the evening to wind down. I also invest in nice, organic cotton pajamas, indulge frequently in linens, and have an air purification ritual I perform every evening.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Marie Kondo via Instagram



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