Aside from parenting styles, pineapple on pizza, and whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break, one of the biggest controversies out there is <deep breath> what is your go-to tumbler? We weren’t planning on getting so provocative, but it needs to be discussed. With all the water tumbler choices out there (and our deep need for a tumbler with straw, please) it just makes sense that our picks have a little something to do with our personalities, right? Afterall, that Emotional Support Water you keep by your side at all times (we have one, too) has to be kept in something you love to use. Are you a Zak lover, a Stanley tumbler enthusiast, or something else entirely? We’re here to help you figure it out.

We’re firm hydration supporters. And we’ve actually tried every popular vessel out there. So we’re pretty sure we’ve become experts on what mom personality matches your tumbler choice. You’re toting it around. It’s with you everywhere. It’s pretty much an accessory at this point. We’ve figured out which one you should choose to carry with pride from school drop-off, the office, and everything in between. BrüMate with a handle, Stanley tumbler with a straw? We have them here for you to pick from.

Stanley Tumbler Mom Style

Stanley 1913

Mom Style: You're about all things on-trend. Your Instagram feed is filled with fashion, pop culture, and influencers you love (even though you don't believe they actually sit around on white couches with their kids). If your friends need advice, you're the first one they call. And all that talking means a lot of water drinking.

Luckily, the Stanley 40oz tumbler delivers on everything it says it will. You're looking at 11 hours of cold sips and can stay iced up to 2 days (though we're hoping you refill your water a lot more frequently than that). They're also made out of recycled stainless steel and come in a ton of different colors (make sure to check out their newest tie-dye collection!).

The Quencher H2O Flowstate Tumbler 40oz ($45.00)—Buy Here!

Yeti Tumbler Mom Style


Mom Style: You're an absolute classic. Nothing if not yourself, always. Maybe you love neutrals and have a closet full of mix-and-match, low-maintenance pieces that fit perfectly. You'd rather take your kids camping or sit in the warm sun at baseball practice than a spa day. Oh and that year-round tan? It's natural (but you never forget the SPF, either).

Yeti made its mark by being the outdoor adventurer's go-to, and although lots of different people love them, they've stayed true to their roots. Their tumblers are durable, machine-washable, and reliable (just like you. Well, not the machine-washable part.). One of their newest goodies includes a handle and straw.

Yeti Rambler 35oz Mug ($42.00)—Buy Here!

Owala Tumbler Mom Style


Mom Style: Follow the crowd? Not you. Never. You'll set your own trends and march to the beat of your own drum. It's probably not unusual for you to show up somewhere with a new hair color or wild nails. You'll get down on the floor with your kids, fingerpaint, bake—messes are meant to be made.

Owala has a great wide opening, especially for those of us who will never be without ice. The lid can be used with a straw or as a sipper, and it adjusts to accommodate either left-handed or right-handed moms. It's a fab car companion (and moms spend a lot of time in the car, we know).

Owala 40oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Handle ($34.99)—Buy Here!

BrüMate Mom Style

three 40oz Brumate tumblers

Mom Style: Life of the party has entered the chat. You're always more than happy to host your kid's friends, book club, or put together last-minute potlucks. You're a social butterfly and people can't get enough of your energy. Your laugh is completely infectious, so keep doing that a lot.

It takes a lot of energy to shine this bright, so it's a good thing that BrüMate can hold both hot (coffee, anyone?) and cold beverages. One of the best parts of BrüMate? Their leakproof design keeps spills at bay, so you have more time to socialize and less time doing laundry.

BrüMate Era 40z Tumbler ($44.99)—Buy Here!

Hydro Flask Mom Style

three hydroflask 40oz tumblers
Hydro Flask

Mom Style: Beachy, thy name is you. Even if you don't live near water, your laid-back, breezy style exudes serious coastal vibes. Natural fabrics, light hues, and open windows are your whole aesthetic. Your kids know they can look forward to nature walks and road trips. 

The Hydro Flask was the original choice of the Vsco Girl, but that’s not their whole business. They're super comfy to tote around, and their different lid options let you customize your drinking experience. Hot or cold, Hydro Flask can handle both.

Hydro Flask 40oz All Around Tumbler ($39.95)—Buy Here!

Corkcicle Mom Style

three Corkcicle tumblers

Mom Style: If vintage was a person, they'd be you. You adore thrifting for the coolest finds (which you're totally notorious for) and whether you're sporting a 50's fit-and-flare dress for brunch or an oversized sweatshirt and leg warmers for an 80's vibe for class party volunteer duty, you can literally wear anything. You've already introduced your kiddos to classic movies (Goonies, anyone?) and are always, always up for a dance party.

Corkcicles newest 40oz Cruiser keeps drinks cold for up to 20 hours! It features an exclusive dual-function sip + straw spill-proof lid, a comfy soft-grip handle, and a stay-put silicone bottom to keep it upright on just about any surface. And the color options? Obsessed over here.

Corkcicle 40oz Cruiser ($39.95)—Buy Here!

We should definitely mention, though, that you should drink out of whatever tumbler you darn well please, no matter what kind of mom you are. As long as you’re a hydrated one.



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