Hatchimals Releases 3 Hatchibabies Exclusives & Here’s Where to Find Them All

The due date has finally arrived for the new Hatchimals HatchiBabies and these adorable babies are sure to be one of the most coveted toys this holiday season. Read on for cuteness overload! ‘

HatchiBabies, the newest addition to come from the Hatchery Nursery in Hatchtopia, come in two different species, Ponette and Cheetree. When you hatch your new toy, you are also treated to the surprise of finding out whether you have a boy or a girl. When you’re ready to hatch your new baby, just give the egg a few taps or snuggles. The egg will start to rock and your baby will sing “Rockabye Baby” to let you know it is about to hatch.

One of the most exciting parts of these new HatchiBabies is the accessories that come inside each HatchiBabies egg. For the first time ever, these speckled eggs will come packed with hidden compartments that can be opened after the babies hatch. Inside the compartments you’ll find some fun surprises to help you care for your new baby, like a bottle,  hairbrush and rattle.

You’ll also find a mini highchair inside to give your baby a place to sit and be fed. And of course, no birth would be complete without your very own birth certificate.

These baby Hatchimals need of a lot of love and care. Just like a real baby, they need to be fed and burped, but they will also respond to plenty of snuggles and a good tickle. They can also be taught to play baby games, like “find my toes,” and learn their first words.

In addition to Ponette and Cheetree, there are three very special HatchiBabies species you can only get at select stores. You can find adorable Chipadee HatchiBabies at Amazon, cheeky Monkiwi HatchiBabies at Target or cuddly Koalabee HatchiBabies at Walmart.

Chipadee HatchiBaby (Amazon.com)

Chipadee comes with all of the regular HatchiBabies accessories, as well as a cute little acorn—and you can only get it at Amazon.

Monkiwi HatchiBaby (Target)

The cheeky little Monkiwi you can only find at Target wouldn’t be complete without a banana for meal time noms.

Koalabee HatchiBaby (Walmart)

Walmart’s exclusive Koalabee comes with its very charm bracelet that your kiddo can customize.

You can bring home all the new HatchiBabies now for $59.99 each, sold online and in stores.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy Hatchimals/Spin Master



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