People Are Gobbling Up…Turkey Insurance for Thanksgiving?

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In a surprise pairing, Whole Foods Market and Progressive Insurance have teamed up to bring us a new offering this year: the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan. This is the first-ever “insurance” for the main staple of the traditional American Thanksgiving meal.

The duo is here to cover a multitude of issues, from first time fails to undoing all those horrible memories from the past by offering a $35 Whole Foods Market gift card in the event this year’s bird doesn’t quite turn out. And to be honest––doesn’t everyone need a little insurance after everything we’ve endured in 2020?

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To be eligible for the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan, you’ll need to purchase aWhole Foods Market brand turkey between Nov. 11-22. If you end up botching your bird by burning it, over or under cooking it, just visit for full details on submitting a claim for a $35 Whole Foods Market gift card. The program is limited to the first 1,000 claims, and starts Nov. 26.

“As we anticipate more smaller Thanksgiving gatherings and first-time cooks tackling turkey preparation this year, the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan allows customers the freedom of culinary exploration, knowing all is not lost should their cooking go astray,” said Theo Weening, Vice President of Meat and Poultry at Whole Foods Market. 

––Karly Wood



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