Why Soup Is a Must-Have on Your Table

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If you are looking for nutritious and stress-free recipe ideas, soups are a must-have at the family table. The idea of homemade soup can be intimidating at first. And yet, they actually allow you to get a nutritious and tasty meal on the table in no time while not requiring any specific culinary know-how nor a recipe. Discover all the benefits of making soup, as well as easy recipe ideas for the lunchbox!

Soups are inexpensive and so easy to make.

Whether you use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, you can prepare a savory soup in five minutes, and let the cooker do the rest of the work. If you like to meal prep, you will love to make soups as they can be prepared in batch and allow freezing for days when you are too tired or have no time.

What we like best about soups is that you can create your own soup every day with any veggie you have at hand. Options are unlimited, which makes it easier to limit food waste while exposing your family to a wide area of foods, taste, and texture too. Poor in fresh vegetables? Frozen vegetables work perfectly too.

Soups are by far the easiest way we found to teach the kids the love of vegetables, one soup at a time. Vary the textures and play at the dinner table with the seasoning. Kids love to season a soup to their taste by adding cheese, breadcrumbs, butter, or cream.

Soups are the ultimate winter comfort food.

There’s nothing like a nourishing bowl of soup to keep the kids warm, full, and hydrated during the winter season. That’s why it’s always a great idea to make a soup to ease the first symptoms of a cold. Tip: load it up with fresh garlic, onions, celery, or carrots for a powerful immune boost.

Easy soup ideas for the kids’ lunchbox

1. Hot or cold, tomato soups are perfect with grilled cheese for the lunchbox.

2. Peas and spinach make a simple and healthy green soup.

3. Mix zucchinis with your kids’ favorite cheese and enjoy. Our kids learned to love zucchinis by mixing the laughing caw or brie.

4. The sweet taste of carrots will welcome any other vegetable or spice. Start easy with our carrot pumpkin puree.

5. Add one potato, one onion, and some garlic cloves to any combo of vegetables, and you are all set!

Pro Tip: Grill brioche rolls and you’ll get savory croutons that kids love.

Want to get more ideas of soups that kids love? Find out what soups kids are having for lunch on Teuko.com, and share your own creations by uploading a photo or commenting below.

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