You’re fairly certain you mastered the art of frosting a cake during your last tour of the kiddie-party circuit. All you needed was a little patience, a Pintrest must-do and a lot of sugar. Well, these unbelievably realistic creations inspired by springtime wildflowers will have you gaping. From the smallest of cookies to the grandest of wedding cakes, spring is in the air! Pardon us while we find our jaws, and flip through these 10 desserts from confectioners near and far.

Giant Cupcake with Fondant Flowers

The only cupcake that might actually be bigger than your kids' eyes after they've been whipped into a sugar-induced frenzy. This creation from UK-based baker and blogger, Amanda of The Sugar Mice Blog is a more like a mixing-bowl cake than a cupcake. But we're on board with her molded flowers and classy metallic petal dust.

Which amazing dessert is your favorite? Share with us in the Comments!

—Stacy Liu

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