Create a winter fun-derland for your kids with these winter-friendly ideas. From outdoor activities like making frozen bubbles to indoor fun with seasonal sensory-play ideas and craft-making (including DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day!), you’ll be inspired with activities until spring.

25 Things to Do with Kids This Winter


If you're juggling babies and older sibs (not literally, of course), keep this list of activities handy when you're all getting stir-crazy. There are recipes, crafts, games, books and more!

Bookmark these 25 things to do with kids this winter.

10 Winter-Themed Activities to Keep Baby Busy When Cabin Fever Strikes

skimpton007 via Pixabay

Winter days may be shorter, but they sure can feel long. When cabin fever sets in and you’re looking to get crafty with baby or want a few outdoor ideas, this list has you covered. Check out these winter-themed activities that will entertain and engage your little snow bunny.

Check out these cool winter craft ideas.

8 Ways to Get Active This Winter (Baby Included!)

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The cure for winter woes? Add physical activity to your daily routine. And, yep, baby’s invited, too. Try these awesome ways to get active during the cold months, from body-toning babywearing to serene winter walks. 

Find your cold-weather workout inspiration.

Chill Out! 8 Snow Sensory Play Ideas

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From snow bins to foamy snow play, there are cool (and safe) ways to let babies and toddlers in on the frozen fun. Finding your favorite sensory activity will be easy. It’s keeping yourself from humming “Do you want to build a snowman?” that might be tough!

Discover your new favorite snow-themed play ideas.

9 Ways To Make the Most of Snow Days

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Even if you're dreading going outside, there’s lots that you and your little one can do to fight cabin fever and explore the outdoors. Here you’ll find nine of our favorite snow-day activities for babies and young toddlers.

Read on for snow-day inspiration.

Let's Play! Sensory Activities for All Five Senses

Fun at Home with Kids

Your baby is constantly soaking up information and learning new things about the world through taste, sight, touch, smell and sound. We’ve rounded up a bunch of hands-on activities that will engage one or more of the five senses, and chances are playtime is about to get a lot more exciting. 

Get 10 ways for babies to explore (indoors!) with their 5 senses.

18 DIY Sensory Play Ideas for Baby

sensory play
Fun at Home with Kids

Not only is sensory play critical for kids' developing brains, it can be deeply rewarding for you to watch quietly as your baby discovers new textures, learns about cause and effect, and figures out what makes the world go round.

Try these easy DIY ideas for hands-on fun.

8 Valentine’s Day Art Projects to DIY With Your Baby

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Create valentines, home decor and keepsakes with your baby with these easy techniques. From easy-to-grasp veggie stamps to footprint projects Grandma will swoon over, you’ll love re-creating these V-Day ideas.

Get a headstart on the holiday with these easy art projects.

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