Houston-area mom-to-be Erica Simon, like many moms-to-be, is working while pregnant. She also just happens to be a local news anchor—and it seems like plenty of people have something to say about this whole “being pregnant” thing when she’s on the air.

They aren’t talking about the fact that she’s working. We’re way past that. Apparently some of her viewers have something to say about Simon’s weight gain. Um, what?!

Simon announced her pregnancy back in October—during her 20th week. No one said anything about the petite anchor’s frame then. But now that she’s in her third trimester, Simon’s news viewers seem to think that talking about her pregnancy weight is totally fine. News flash, ABC-13 viewers: it’s never okay to discuss a pregnant woman’s weight, or, if we’re being honest—anyone’s weight, pregnant or otherwise.

As the comments started coming in, Simon clapped back. In a tweet, the TV anchor wrote, “Some of the viewer comments about my pregnancy are starting to get annoying. Yes, I’m aware I’m petite so the sudden packing on of pounds is a startling sight. No, I’m not having twins and no I’m not due any day.”

Simon ended her tweet the perfect response: “I’ll update you as I go, but chill.”

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Erica Simon via Instagram 



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