Want to really get to know someone? Play a round of Would You Rather. After all, when faced with choices ranging from thought-provoking to downright silly, people will always surprise you. The questions you use when playing with adults don’t have to be life-or-death choices; they can be funny, outrageous, or thought-provoking, but all should be interesting! We’ve rounded up 35 of our favorite would-you-rather questions for adults below, but if you’re playing with kids and need more age-appropriate questions, we’ve got the best would-you-rather questions for kids and teens

How Do You Play Would You Rather?

When playing this fun party game, people answer questions that have two choices. For example, “Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or the ability to time travel?” The idea is to encourage a discussion, so the questions should make players think differently about a scenario or a choice between two things, and there should always be an explanation as to why they chose their answer.

You can use Would You Rather questions with adults anywhere: at work, family gatherings, parties, or hanging with a few friends. It’s a fun way to learn more about someone, whether you know them well or not.

Silly Would You Rather Questions for Adults

Would you rather throw up in front of your hero or have your hero throw up on you?

Would you rather have the powers of telekinesis (moving things) or telepathy (reading minds)?

Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream every day for the rest of your life?

Would you rather have Jason Kelce or Travis Kelce as your teammate?

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your boss or mother-in-law?

Would you rather have an embarrassing photo of you surface on social media or fall down the stairs at a party?

Would you rather accidentally pass gas on a first date or on your wedding day (and it’s SBD)?

Would you rather be stuck in a zombie apocalypse or have the world taken over by A.I. ala The Matrix?

Would you rather have Adele’s singing voice or Taylor Swift’s songwriting skills?

Would you rather go shopping in your fanciest ballgown or go to a holiday work party in your bathrobe?

Would you rather be a Jedi Knight or a Marvel Superhero?

Would you rather steal Kate Middleton or Megan Markel’s stylist?

Would you rather have a mullet or a perm?

Would you rather go on tour with your favorite band or be a regular extra on your favorite sitcom?

Would you rather walk around all night with your zipper down or something in your teeth?

Would you rather be stuck in a haunted house or a broken-down car in the desert?

Would you rather be terrible at anything athletic or a really bad singer?

Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island or the top of a mountain?

Serious Would You Rather Questions for Adults

Would you rather find true love or win the lottery?

Would you rather lose your sight or your memory?

Would you rather freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion?

Would you rather have a pause button or a rewind button for your life?

Would you rather have dinner with a deceased loved one or your favorite movie star?

Would you rather be fabulously wealthy and alone or poor and surrounded by loved ones?

Would you rather find and lose true love or never love at all?

Would you rather travel the world for one year or have $50,000 tax-free dollars?

Would you rather be a world-famous movie star or a best-selling novelist?

Would you rather live a quiet life in a rural town or a busy life in a big city?

Would you rather quit social media or streaming platforms?

Would you rather work at a high-paying job you loathe or a low-paying job you love?

Would you choose to end world hunger or save the planet from devasting climate change?

Would you rather go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit or have someone steal your idea and publish it as their own?

Would you rather never celebrate Christmas or never celebrate Halloween?

Would you rather have a conversation with your past self or your future self?

Would you rather be told a comforting life or the uncomfortable truth?



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