Play Carpets Just Leveled Up with This Fun 3D Feature

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Play mats, activity rugs, whatever you call them, they’re a staple of toy rooms everywhere. They’re great for screen-free entertainment for older kids and provide a few minutes of distraction for the younger set.

Now there’s an even more imaginative option on the market, the IVI 3D Play Carpet. It’s just what it sounds like: a mat with raised features and tactile textures that takes playtime to the next level.

Created by a mom with an architecture background who worried about the effects of screen exposure, the 3D Play Carpet comes in four different styles: beach houses, mini city, farms and playhouse.

Each are incredibly detailed with various sections, like a pool at the beach house and parking strips in the mini city. The 3D technology is patented so it’s the only product of its kind on the market.

The mini city and playhouse have four different sizes to choose from and beach houses and farms have three. The small size starts at $79.99 on the IVI website and the carpets are also sold at other retailers like Amazon.

Fabricated with a wool-like substitute that was approved by the European Child Protection Standards, they’re perfect for kids who struggle with allergies. And they might entice you enough to get down on the floor and play along!

––Sarah Shebek

Images courtesy of IVF 3D Play Carpets



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