9 Essential Fashion Style Updates That Every Mom Totally Understands

The before and after st‌yle transition of motherhood is inevitable. I would love for this post to be called: nine easy steps to keep your pre-mom st‌yle, but would you even believe me? (I wouldn’t!) Getting ready as a mom requires a whole new set of criteria, and st‌yle is just one component. So instead, I’ll tell you about the nine essential st‌yle updates I’ve made after becoming a mom—with a little humor added in because that keeps us all going.

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Buying Clothes

  • The Before Mom (BM) asks… Does it look cute?! Can I afford it?! Great, get it!
  • The Now Mom rattles off… Does it look cute?! (C’mon that never changes), Can I afford it (after my kids clothes budget is spent)? Is it machine washable? Is it stain resistant? Is it wrinkle resistant? Is it soft enough for my baby? Is there anything my kids could pull on, because of course they will? Does it hide my mommy pooch? Can I afford to have it ruined? And the list goes on… Which probably explains why my closet has shrunk.

Picking Out Accessories

  • The BM thinks… Cute scarfs, matching belts and fedora hats, so many possibilities! Considering the chic all-black New York City look; accessories are key to pull it all together.
  • Now Mom wonders… Does a burping cloth count as an accessory? What about that cute soother clip I just bought for my little one? The cuter my baby, the more st‌yle points for me?

Jewelry Selections

  • The BM says proudly… Jewelry  should be well organized to easily switch up style on a daily basis.  One should  mix and match, layer and more to really elevate a look.
  • Now Mom digs through her dresser… Umm… guess I’ll go for the classic look again. No one will notice I’m wearing the same “classic” pieces every day, right? Oh, and forget the necklaces and dangling earrings, it’s just another shiny thing for my kids to pull on!

Putting on Makeup

  • The BM gushes… A little eye concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush and I am ready to go. However, forget leaving home without it. I remember the horror I felt on my way to work when I realized I walked out the door makeup free.
  • Now Mom rushes… I’m drinking lots of water as I’ve heard that makes your skin look better, hope it helps with the bags under my eyes too! There is no way I’m spending my precious five free minutes on makeup! One day, feeling slightly motivated, I put on my regular look. My husband, quickly became suspicious and didn’t believe me when I told him for the tenth time that no, I swear we aren’t having any surprise guests over.

How Clothes Fit

  • The BM muses… Does it look good? Get it!
  • Now Mom shrugs… First of all, is it comfortable? Can I chase my kids around the park in it? If it’s too short or too low my child will surely cause a wardrobe malfunction. Thank goodness athleisure is now stylish!

All the Shoes

  • The BM regales… Shoes for all occasions, one to walk to work, be at work, after work drinks, the gym and date night. There was a good stack under my desk and one in my purse. That precious space is now filled with baby needs and I’m looking for shoes that take me from day to night. Isn’t day to night trending?
  • Now Mom reminisces… Don’t we all miss heels? There is nothing sexier than a beautiful set of heels I sometimes think of in my dreams when my eyes are closed (my new definition of sleep).

Getting Ready

  • The BM says… There is time allotted in my morning for getting ready. Time to do a couple of outfit changes, time to have a shower, time to do my makeup and time to pick my shoes.
  • Now Mom ain’t got time for that… I’ve just decided to invest in a “nice” set of pajamas because I end up in those far too often. I’m just happy if I find time for a shower.

Fashion Budgets

  • The BM beams…An investment in clothes is an investment in yourself and good first impressions. That’s where my budget starts.
  • Now Mom laments… What budget? Well, at least my kids look good.

Overall Style Before & After Becoming a Mom

The Before Mom is always classic and sophisticated.

Now Mom wears her “mom uniform” with an occasional burst of energy. (The mom uniform is real and there shouldn’t be any shame with it.)

As moms, we have a whole new set of criteria that requires a mix of fashion and functionality. It may take some time, but we all find our updated st‌yle after becoming a mom. Don’t worry: you still look great mama—and your kids are super cute, too!

Featured Photo Courtesy: Marc Witmer

Veronica Horner is the CEO and co-founder of Maia Moda, a chic maternity and breastfeeding clothing line for the modern mom.  On the weekends she loves searching for the perfect cup of coffee in New York City with her husband and two young boys.


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