The Best & Worst Food ’90s Kids Grew Up On

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Take a chill pill, ’90s kids! We’ve gathered your favorite foods of yesteryear into one nostalgic roundup of ’90s candy and snacks. Some are discontinued, and some are downright dated (hello, Bubble Beeper!), but they’re all guaranteed to inspire a few choice cravings.

Snapple Elements

Snapple Elements sounded a bit like a roll call for Captain Planet, but who didn't want to sip on flavors like Earth, Fire, Sun and Rain?

Butterfinger BBs

Sure, these were just a smaller version of Butterfingers, but there was an irresistible Simpsons tie-in. And if Butterfinger BBs were good enough for the Bartman, they were good enough for us '90s kids. 

Cherry Coke

The '90s elixir known as Cherry Coke was the cherry-flavored soda of choice. It had the taste of a classic fountain drink and the rad packaging that was quintessential 1990s.

Fruit by the Foot

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Sure, Fruit by the Foot is still around today—but the '90s version was extra psychedelic and almost 50% sugar, which may account for about a decade of sugar highs.


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Dunk-a-roos were basically the currency of the '90s playground. Bite-sized cookies that you could dunk into super sweet frosting? It was a kid's dream-come-true.

Fruit Gushers

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We're not sure where the "fruit" factors into these jelly candies that explode neon goo, but we know that Fruit Gushers were responsible for many a blue tongue in the 1990s. 

Bubble Beeper

AtomicJesus via Etsy

Modeled after the classic '90s pager, Bubble Beeper was just the gum to make you feel like a working professional. 


The answer to all your yogurt mobility problems of the 1990s! Since this snack can still be found in lunchboxes today, it's clear Gogurt was the yogurt of the future.

Fruit String Things

They may not have been fruit-like, but they were certainly string things and us '90s kids ate them up—literally.


Ring Pops

Ring Pops were the most popular bling of the '90s and the very best reason to eat your jewelry. Why would you want a boring ol' lollipop when you could have a Ring Pop?

Totino's Pizza Rolls

From stuffed crust to pizza rolls, the 1990s were kind of a big deal for pizza. And nothing topped Totino's, or the feeling of victory when you found them in the freezer after school.

Trix Yogurt

What '90s kid could resist the rainbow-in-a-cup that was Trix Yogurt? Per Trix rules, it was "just for kids," so if the exclusivity didn't get ya, the flashy commercials sure would. 

Cheetos Paws

It's a tried-and-true fact that the way to a kid's stomach is with brightly colored, weirdly-shaped snacks. That's why it should be no surprise that Cheetos Paws were such a hit.

PB Max

Ah, PB Max, we hardly knew ye! This peanut butter-and-chocolate candy bar (with a cookie thrown in!) wasn't around for long, but it'll always have a place in '90s kids hearts.

Kid Cuisines

If you think about it, Kid Cuisines were just preparing us for the frozen dinners we sneaked into our grocery carts as adults. 


Real talk: Kudos were supposedly a healthier alternative to candy bars. All we remember is that they were chock-full of chocolate and topped with candy.  



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