19 Inclusive Playgrounds for All Kinds of Kids

Swing, slide, spin, and smile—every kid has the same goal when heading to the playground. But, not all kids have the physical abilities needed to master traditional playground equipment. The good news? Many communities are taking everyone’s consideration when designing new play structures—allowing those with special needs to play alongside their peers. We rounded up our favorite from coast to coast, flip through to find one near you!

Signal Centers Therapeutic Playground for the Arts – Chattanooga, Tn

This therapeutic playground engages with kids through a multi-sensory experience of color, texture, smell and play. Everything is painted in bright colors—from walkways to equipment—to lift moods and spread smiles. The most special feature is the abundance of shrubs, plants and trees (there's over 50!), turning the playground into a stimulating and natural wonderland. It's a playground that goes beyond concrete!

Online: signalcenters.org

photo: Playcore

Do you know of an inclusive playground in your area? Share it in the Comments below!

— Kate Loweth & Christal Yuen


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