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These Amazing LEGO Hacks Will Inspire Your Master Builders

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If your little LEGO lover has reached master builder level, then put those block skills to good use with some creations that are both fun to build and result in something useful. Break out your LEGOs because, these awesome LEGO hacks will inspire your little (and big) builders to get creative at home.

It’s like a mini work of art to protect against water rings.

Cord Caddy
Keep track of your cords with these handy little helpers.

Kleenex Box
Perfect for jazzing up the doom and gloom of cold and flu season.

Key Holder
This clever LEGO hack makes an awesome keychain and keeps your keys from getting lost at home.

Keeping time with blocks.

Framed Mirror
Check your outfit, LEGO-style.

LEGO Walls
When there just isn’t enough floor space for all your building creations.

Kitchen Counter
If you really want to show off your love of LEGOs…

What awesome hacks has your little builder created? Share your favorites in the comments below!