Lemonade Stands Are Now Legal in This State & It’s a Big Win for Budding Entrepreneurs

The news that Texas has just passed a law legalizing lemonade stands might have you asking, are lemonade stands illegal? The answer, apparently, is yes, they are—but at least they aren’t in Texas anymore!

A new bill just passed in the Lone Star state making it legal for kids under 18 to sell lemonade (or any other non-alcoholic beverages) in their front yard. Prior to the bill’s passing, those lemonade stands were actually violated state law.

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Texas isn’t the only state where the legality of lemonade has been in question. Earlier this month, a similar bill was adopted in Colorado and just last summer lemonade manufacturer Country Time ran a campaign offering legal protection to kids across the country running lemonade stands.

As it turns out, many states and cities have laws against selling food and beverages without a license. While those laws are in place to protect the health of consumers, they also put a dampener on the pure childhood fun—as well as the entrepreneurial skills—that come with running a lemonade stand. Here’s hoping more states follow suit to let their kids have their lemonade and sell it, too!

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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