These Genius Christmas Trees Are Baby-Friendly & Cat-Proof, Too

You know the Christmas carol, “O Christmas Tree”—how lovely are thy branches and all that? Well, lovely until your cat—or your curious toddler—comes along this time of year. Get ready to experience holiday decor in a whole new and entirely practical way, thanks to these Parasol Christmas trees.

We know you’ve been there: after hours of painstakingly dressing your Christmas tree with a decade’s worth of ornaments only to watch as your toddler plucks the bottom half clean. Oh, and then the cat gets in on the action, whether it’s batting at the Baby’s First Christmas ornament or climbing up to insert itself as your new tree topper.

British retailer Argos has an answer for your Christmas tree woes, as the makers of the Parasol Christmas tree. These six-foot trees are made from PVC and look just like a parasol—hence the name. Even though the parasol is just about as tall as your standard Christmas tree, those fluffy green needles are only at the top. That means the bottom is completely bare, leaving an empty space.

Even though this tree doesn’t exactly look like what you’d typically see, it’s absolutely ideal if you want to keep prying little hands (human and pet) away! The Parasol Christmas tree regularly retails for £50. Yup, that’s British pounds, which means sadly, Argos doesn’t ship overseas. We’re hoping a U.S. retailer picks up on this nifty trend soon!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Argos



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