13 hilarious back-to-school photo fails

Instagram: proud_mama_kai

Nothing screams excitement for back-to-school season quite like a mom’s grin and a child’s cold stare into the camera. Check out some of our favorite back-to-school photo fails (or wins, depending how to look at them).  

"Happy 1st day of school, kids. I'm going to miss y'all!"

Keisha Gardner

The look says it all.

Happy Acres Photography

There are two types of children on the first day of school.


Watch out for that lightsaber.

Instagram: sometimeshomemade

There's more where that came from.

Reddit: gotmunchies2nite

No photos, please...

Instagram: shabbymissusb

Thoughts and prayers for the teacher.

Mommy Shorts

"You get a sign, and you get a sign..."

Reddit: grux9

The anti-school protest was worth a shot.

Mommy Shorts


Mommy Shorts

Can baby brother come too?

Mommy Shorts

Only 10 more years to go...

Reddit: DisregardThisOrDont

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