6 ways to make his first Father’s Day special

The first Father’s Day is a major milestone for both dad and baby. It’s a great day to celebrate your partner and to remind him of how appreciated he is. Here are 6 Father’s Day activities that will make this day a special one for the whole family.

Give him a memento

A memento like a Tinybeans photo book full of his favorite memories with the family is a wonderful way to show him how much he’s loved. He’ll love that he can revisit those memories at any time, even when the days are long. Plus, it’ll remind him how great of a job he’s doing at this whole parenting thing (we all need those occasional reminders!). Here are a few ways to make your photo books spectacular. 

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Cook breakfast in bed

After dad has had his deep snooze, surprise him with breakfast in bed. You can even tell him that baby was responsible for making the silly face pancakes and bacon. He’ll love being able to enjoy the quiet moments and hold you (and baby) while everyone just relaxes.  

Go on a family hike

Spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to bond as a family. Plus, it gives you all a chance to go offline. He’ll love being way from life’s distractions and spending time with the people who matter most. Make sure you come prepared by reading our tips for tackling the outdoors as a family. 

Have a photo shoot

The first Father’s Day is a major milestone for both dad and baby. Use this opportunity to take all of the Daddy-and-Me photos as you can. Bonus points if you can manage to match their outfits. 

Break out the craft supplies

While a new set of golf clubs or grilling gear would be nice, I’m sure dad would also appreciate a home made craft that baby “made” just for him. Check out our list of fan-favorite crafts that are super easy and fun. 

Have a date night (at home!)

Once baby is sleeping, take advantage of the alone time and have a mini date night without having to leave the house. This time alone gives you both time to reflect and celebrate the parenting journey you’re on. We already did the homework for you: here are 7 fun at-home date night ideas that are sure to please. 

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