7 baby shower games that are actually fun

Yes, it is possible to have a rockin’ baby shower with games guests will enjoy. Once you’ve got your fill of yummy cupcakes, try these shower games that are actually fun and will bring out the competitive nature in your guests. Game on!

Chopsticks and binkies

Credit: Play Party Plan

Give each guest one chopstick. They have to place the chopstick in their mouth and use it to pick up binkies from the table. The person with the most binkies in 30 seconds wins. Bonus: the mom-to-be can keep the binkies for baby. 

Suck it up

Credit: Fun Squares

Break out the mini marshmallows, nose aspirators, and a bottle. Split into teams and see who can pick up the most marshmallows with the nose aspirator and place in the jar under one minute. 

Blind block building

Blindfold each guest one at a time and place building blocks (use the ABC blocks and gift to the new mom) in front of them. They must stack each block on top of each other without the tower falling. Whoever builds the tallest tower in 30 seconds wins. 

"My water broke!"

You’ll have to buy a pack of miniature plastic babies (buy them here on Amazon) for this one.  The night before the shower, place one baby in an ice cube tray and freeze with water. During the shower, serve drinks with one baby cube. The first person to shout “My water broke!” when the ice has melted wins. 


Credit: Play Party Plan

Put those extra plastic babies to good use with this next game. Split guests into pairs and give them one sheet (can be a towel or even baby pj’s) and a handful of plastic babies. Place a bucket 10-15 feet away. Each team needs to work together to fling the baby into the bucket. 

Don't say baby

Etsy: CatchMeStudio

This one is for the group who loves a challenge. The rules are simple: give each guest an item they can hold onto (like a necklace or a clothespin). The whole point of the game is to make sure no one says “baby” during the entire shower. If you catch someone saying it, you can take their necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end wins! 

Who's watching baby?

Credit: Mary Makes Dinner

In case you haven’t noticed, baby showers tend to involve many plastic babies, but I promise this one is fun. When guests arrive, hand them a baby for them to “care for” during the party. If anyone leaves their baby unattended, feel free to “adopt” it for yourself. Whoever has the most babies at the end wins (fortunately these won’t cry and keep you up at night). 

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