9 easy chocolate chip cookie recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth

If you’ve got a little kitchen helper in the house, break out the mixer because it’s cookie time! August 4th in National Chocolate Chip Cookie day and it feels wrong to not celebrate it properly. Here are 9 of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes that put a fun twist on an old classic. 

Cherry chocolate chip cookies

If you want to surprise your kids (or party guests) with an unexpected treat, these cherry chocolate chip cookies will do the trick. If you really want to take it to the next level, add some vanilla ice cream to them when they come right out of the oven. 

via The First Year Blog

Chocolate chip cookie bars

If you’re looking to satisfy your cookie craving right away, these chocolate chip cookie bars take less than 15 minutes to prepare and can be thrown in a pan. 

via The Farm Girl Dabbles

Millionaires bars

If you could combine all of your favorite candy bars into one, you’d end up with this. As if the chocolate chip cookie shortbread wasn’t enough, check out those layers of caramel and swirled chocolate.  

via Jane’s Patisserie

Chocolate chip cookie peanut butter bites

If your sweet tooth is screaming, try these cookie peanut butter bites. These two ingredient bites will be a hit with the little ones. 

via Princess Pinky Girl

Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars

Adding cheesecake to any dessert brings it to the next level and that stays true for cookies. The baker behind this recipe has created some of the most viral recipes on the web, so you know this one will be good. 

via The Whoot

Mint chocolate chip cookies

If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, you have got to try these cookies. They have a light mint flavor that will keep you coming back for more. 

via Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies

Calling all salted caramel fans: this one is for you! If you’re a salty and sweet dessert person, these cookies will hit all the right notes. 

via Practically Homemade

Brownie chocolate chip cookies

Brownies AND cookies? Yes, you can have it all. This combination formally known as “brookie” will satisfy both bar and cookie fans. 

via Baker by Nature

Vanilla caramel swirl ice cream sandwiches

Don’t be scared by the title – these cookie sandwiches are easy to make and worth the calories. They’re easy to store in the freezer too so you can grab one on-the-go. 

via Brown Butter Blondie

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