Genius DIY pool noodle hacks that will make life easier

Summer is here which means the car trunk is loaded with pool noodles. Did you know these handy foam rolls make super easy DIY home improvements? Here are a few of our favorite pool noodle hacks that will make life easier. 

Practice the alphabet

Your little one can practice learning the alphabet and building words with this easy pool noodle game. It also serves as a great fine motor skill and problem solving activity!

Via Simply Kinder

Prevent pinched fingers

You can use a pool noodle to prevent tiny fingers from getting pinched in the doorway. This also works on bathtubs if you have a sliding shower door! 

via Miss Information

Create a bed rail

Transitioning from crib to bed means your toddler may fall out from time to time. Prevent middle-of-the-night falls by adding pool noodles as a bed rail. Sew them to the mattress or place under the fitted sheet and you’re good to go!

via Kim Six Fix

Protect sharp edges

Sharp edges on the counter, coffee table, or bed can cause injury to a baby or toddler. Prevent accidents from happening with a buffer. 

via Miss Information

Prevent scratches on your car

Kids banging on the door? Cut pool noodles in half to prevent your car doors from getting damaged. 

via wikiHow

Hide long cords

Hide long cords or extra extension cords by cutting the noodle. Now you can enjoy tangle-free cords and say goodbye to mess (and hello to a child-safe room)!

via Miss Information

Keep boots upright

Don’t want your boots to fall to the side and crease? Put a pool noodle inside to keep them upright and looking brand new all season long. 

via Miss Information

Prevent clothing creases

You can add pool noodles to your entire closet by adding them to hangers. They’ll prevent that awkward hanger crease and keep your clothes ready-to-wear without the need for an iron. 

Via How Does She

Make your wrists happy

Working from home? Save a ton of money and make office work easier with a pool noodle wrist rest. It’s adjustable and will keep you comfortable throughout the work day. 

via Family Handyman

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