How to Make Your Tiny Bean’s 2nd Birthday the Best!

TWO sweet!!! Can you believe your baby is turning 2 already?! Now time to party! Deciding on how to celebrate their day can be overwhelming. You don’t necessarily need a “theme” at this age, but it’s a good idea to keep it interactive (and preferable starting after their nap!). Here are a few ideas to make their birthday celebration special, simple, and, of course, fun!

1. Create! Set up a few stations for crafting fun! Keeping little hands busy is key to keeping them entertained! A printables station, with page to color and crayons, a modeling dough station where they can smush and shape, and a station with pom-poms, glue, and paper, to create their own sensory art – all perfect options for this age!

2. Circle up! Little ones LOVE circle time. With everyone at the same level, it’s easy to connect and engage! You can sing a few nursery rhymes, do a “chicken dance” or two, and finish up with their favorite story!

3. Throw a parade! Your birthday baby is the guest of honor, after all! It doesn’t get any better than including their favorite characters in the celebration! This LEGO® DUPLO® Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade set is perfect for inspiring tiny hands and big imaginations to create the best birthday parade ever!

You’ve got this, moms and dads!

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