Milestones: 3 Years Old

It’s official…you have a threenager! Your toddler is thriving, and there are so many firsts to look forward to. At 3, they are becoming more “person-like” every day (and maybe even a little less clingy with mom and dad…). Here are some milestones to keep an eye out for, and encourage along the way!

Social/ Emotional: You’ve probably noticed by now, toddlers are full of feelings! (hence the “threenager” label!) Their emotional range is rapidly expanding with more highs and lows than ever before, from tears over a spat with a friend, to anger, affection, jealousy, and so on. Letting them know you understand the “why” of how they feel, and talking about it, is a good way to encourage emotional intelligence and empathy.

Language/ Communication: At this age, a child can carry on a simple conversation. They know friends’ names, places, and can name most everyday things. Asking what the best part of their day was, and encouraging them to add detail through pointed questions from you, can help strengthen these skills. 

Movement/ Physical Development: Your little olympian can pedal a tricycle, run well, climb nimbly…go tot, go!!! (but not farther away than I can see you!)

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving): A 3 year old is more into imaginative play than ever before! Playing make-believe with friends, parents, stuffed animals, you name it, is a crucial part of their cognitive development. The LEGO® DUPLO® Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade is the perfect activity to encourage them! Playing with characters they know and love will activate their creativity; strengthening their verbal skills and self-expression through storytelling fun!

You’ve got this, moms and dads.

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