Our favorite school Valentine’s Day cards (that require no effort from you!)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! We’re crafty parents here at Tinybeans, but sometimes you just run out of time. Would we love to be like Jonah’s mom and handmake 20 perfect origami unicorns riding on a rainbow with hearts shooting out of it’s butt? Sure! But just like how you wish your kid(s) would let you sleep past the crack of dawn on a Saturday, it’s not gonna happen. Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite (simple) V-Day cards!

Cheree Berry Paper Super Hero Valentine Cards

Empowering Valentine cards, because everyone is super in their own way. Three different designs, all with a corresponding temporary tattoo. Kids can write their Valentines name in the though, burst bubble, and add their name on the flip side!

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Cupid Pugs Straw Valentine Card Kit

These adorable cupid pug valentines cards are printed, pre-cut, and easy to assemble! Kit includes: pre-cut printed paper shapes and reusable straws.

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Shark Sticker Love Notes

These brilliant love notes come with fabulous stickers – a sensational fun way to tell someone you care this Valentine’s Day! Featuring shiny sharks with humorous sayings, like “I chews you,” “You’re Fintastic” and “You’re Jawsome.”

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LoveBug Valentine’s Day Printable

This love bug preschool printable is the perfect valentine’s day treat for you little. Pair these adorable printable with colorful plastic bugs and you’ll be the hit of the classroom!

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Pizza Valentine’s Day Cards

Pizza Valentines for kids are funny Valentines Day cards DIY printable! Perfect for classroom exchanges, teens, men, women, school parties, or lunchbox notes!

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Cheree Berry Paper iPhone Valentine’s Day Cards

Kids have a blast crafting personal Valentine messages with this interactive card. They write their text messages on the iPhone-inspired card and use the emoji stickers to personalize it. 

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Stuffed Zoo Animals

Will ZOO be my Valentine? Say yes to these valentine exchange gifts! The stuffed animal valentine set includes mini zoo animals like bears, tigers and elephants adorned with To/From tags. 

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Pun Believable Cards

Mini note card sets offer fun for everyone, like the Pun-Believable Valentines collection featuring bright looks and playful, pun-filled messages.

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Color My World Valentine

With unique designs printed on luxe paper, these Valentines are the perfect way for your kids to celebrate with their classmates! 

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Donut Valentine Card Kit 

Give your Valentine a tasty treat with these donut Valentine’s! These Valentines are pre-cut, printed, and easy to assemble and perfect to share with your classroom! 

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